With Steel Structure Integrated Building Block Type Passenger Lift

Wandou lift ( with steel structure integrated building block type elevator), completely solved the existing building additional elevator problems from the technical level.

Product Details

Wandou lift(with steel structure integrated building block type elevator), completely solved the existing building additional elevator problems from the technical level.



Small floor area、widely use

Minimum floor area is 2.63 square meters, does not affect ventilation and lighting, suitable for all kinds of complex floor type environment, suitable degree for over 95%


 Pre production, good quality

The steel structure frame is made by the professional mold, and most of the installed capacity on site has been completed in factory in advance, and the accuracy, the framework is resistant to corrosion, humidity and high and low temperature.


Short construction period, less disturbing people

20 (pit) +1 (hoisting) +14 (installation) +10 (decoration) = 45 days, and compared to tradition additional elevator construction period of 6 months, greatly reduce the disturbing.



wandou elevator extention service!

safe and quick:RFID card is global unique identification code, there is no need to press key to position accurately, directly to the floor.

Intelligent terminal:Realize the daily payment of residents, online shopping, ticket purchase and consumption engineering.

Express magic box:Bring your own receiving box, it is convenient for residents to receive and deliver the letters, and can extend the electric supplier function.

Information bulletin:Bring their own bulletin boards, hot news, policy publicity, property notification, public service ads, etc., you can know the world.if you do not go out.

Emergency treasure box:Comes with emergency box, a built-in emergency medicine, tool and umbrella and other items, the residents can use with credit card.

Access control security:Multi machine seat video surveillances are in car, control cabinet, etc., the latest visual security system upgrades the original unit access control system.

Fault self diagnosis: by network of things remote monitoring system, for elevator fault actively notify service personnel timely treatment.

Maintenance according to need: big data intelligent analysis, at a glance for key maintenance project, active maintenance targeted, remove worries.


Technical Parameters


1 曳引驱动设备Traction drive equipment

2井道覆盖板 shaft cover plate

3景观玻璃 landscape glass

4钢结构 steel structure

5轿厢 car

6连接平台 connection platform

7连廊 link corridor

8召唤盒call box

9厅门 hall door

10门套 door jamb

11轿厢导航 car navigation

12配重装置 counterweight device

13智能储物柜intelligent lockers

14便民箱 convenient box

15基础 basis

16楼板 floor

17住户门 households door

18楼梯 stairs

19穿墙螺钉 through wall screw

20地面 ground

21豌豆电梯wan dou elevator

22既有建筑 existing buildings



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