Household Villa Glass Home Elevator

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Product Details

Description of  Glass Home Elevator 

Glass Home Elevator designed for high-grade villas and high-rise residential use, USES the innovation design, at the same time have the most significant environmental protection and energy saving effect, simply take environmental protection voltage of 220V electrical appliances can run, satisfy you the demand of high quality life.

ItemGlass Home Elevator
Operation control modeSet selected control
Rated load400-800kg
Materialstainless steel
Floor materialPVC board

Features of Glass Home Elevator 
* Security
Multiple safety design, make the products have high security allows you to enjoy perfect life, comfortable.
* Environmental protection and energy saving
No noise, no oil, less consumption of 220 v or 380 v voltage, power consumption is equivalent to a refrigerator.
* Renewable energy feedback device
Can make up to 25% by the elevator energy recycled and used again.Especially in elevator light upward or downward loaded with cases, the motor of electric energy can be converted into heat resistance and wasted.But diao elevator energy regenerative feedback equipment will be through the electrical energy converted into corresponding normal current with power grid, so these new current can be used for other electrical equipment, building to achieve substantial energy saving effect.


advantages of the human design

Environmentally friendly product and energy-saving:Apply220V or 380V voltage Its power consumption is equal to that of a refrigerator.

Product features:No construcion well,it is sttractive and comfortable

Applicable occasions:Different styles and structures of the villas

Style outline:It suits all kinds of the decoration styles.

The effective and indibidual function distrbution

VOLKSLIFT home elebator adds various operational functions so as to satisfy the individual requirements acccording to different demands form vast users.

The one who does not have right of passage can not use the elevator-It is the beneficial measures to maintain the residents'safety.

Only the residents with IC intellectual Card can reach certain floors-It is private VIP service for high grade people

Elecator outer calling,inermal selection etc,are available for the old or the handicapped and it is convenient for them to operate in the wheel-chairs-Upgrade to VIP sercive


Car decoration configuration


Operation panel








Self-return without calling Home landing functionRegarding single ligt,home landing can be set according to actual building requirements,If no calling or registered command within set time the car automatically returns to home landing,shuts the door and wait for command.Home LANDING is usually at 1F lobby or the floor with large traffic flow.
Set hall&car door timeIf door opening time to respond hallway calling is different form that of responding car command,it can be set indicidually
protecion of door closing timeif door opening exceeds set time due to mechanical block etc,three times of door closing,it still does not detect door closing signal,it automatically enters into protecion condition,When the lift detects the door has been normally closed,it restores to normal operation.

Door opening/closing button

Inching button that controls door opening and closing is set in the lift car operation panel so that the passengers can flexibly grasp door opening/closing time according to the actual needs
Emergency fire-fighting operationIf fire alarm rings in the building,after the system receives fire alarm signal,it cancels all the commands and calling signals,directly drives the lift to fire-fighting floor,opens the door and disperses the passengers.
Emergency lighting in the car

If lighting source goes wrong,it automatically provides car lighting with re-chargeable emergency power supply

All sekective collective controlAll the registered car and hall calling commands will be responded according to the sequence of the lift's arriving at the landing,Car travel direction is decided by first-time registered car and hall calling command.
Car digital postion indicatorIt digitally shows the landing where  the lift locates in the car operation panel so that the passengers are convenient to know the current travel position of the lift.

Hall&car calling/register

Register the hall and car calling command and store it,then the button lamp is bright
Display of car travel directionThe dynamic or static indicator shows the lift travel direvtion in the car.
Intercom amid monitor room,machine room and the car(excluding wire connection from machine room to monitor room)It can offer intercom amid monitor room,machine room and the car(car-top,pit)Among them,monitor room has the master,It can offer noe-to-one or one-to-many modes according to the clients'requirements.
Full-load none stop

A fully-loaded car bypassed hall calls directly reach the designated floor,in order to maintain maximum operaional.

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