Thyssen Krupp Fulang MRL Villa Elevator

Thyssen Krupp villa elevator brings you a new safe and comfortable ride experience, VVVF frequency conversion control technology ensures that the elevator start and stop quietly and smoothly, the whole process is comfortable and satisfactory.

Product Details

Thyssen Krupp villa elevator brings you a new safe and comfortable ride experience, VVVF frequency conversion control technology ensures that the elevator start and stop quietly and smoothly, the whole process is comfortable and satisfactory.


wood pattern and color selection for car wall and car roof


Car top style


             Frameless      Single box   Four boxes (optional)

Car wall style


                Flat type             Embedded type                Concave type

Car armrest                                                                                Car interior control panel

                                                                                                                                        (Includes floor location displays

                                                                                                                                                       and integrated phones)

                                                                                                    Outgoing call control panel


 classical hall door and car door types 


Folding car door color selection


fashion hall door and car door type


color selection for hall door and car doo


basic specifications

rated capacity:


running speed:


minimum pit depth:


minimum overhead height:

2.85米2.85m  (corresponding 2.24m clearance height car

maximum stop:

minimum distance for adjacent stop is 0.43m

drive configuration

220 V, 50 Hz, 20 amperes, single phase power supply

VVVF permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction systemblob.png

Two wire ropes for traction

T type double lead rail system

Longmen rack assembly

control system

Integrated control driver

Fully automatic operation

Automatic car lighting control

Automatically returns the specified floor

Automatic two-way leveling

adjustable time for door opening and closing

Fault self-test and display

safety device

Circuit breaker for car lighting circuit

Circuit breaker for controlling and driving circuit

Up and down terminal switch

limit switch

Safety switch for pit inspection

Safety switch for car top overhaul

Car door safety switch

Mechanical barrier / locking device

Mechanical and electric interlocking device for hall door and car door


safety gear

Weighing device for car

pit buffer

Emergency buzzer integrated into car control panel

Emergency dial outside telephone integrated into the car control panel

Power off emergency lighting and leveling backup power supply

standard car specification

0.91*1.22*2.24m car complete clearance size

Standard solid wood facing car wall

configuration solid wood facing car top

two embedded type LED lights

solid wood handrail

Dusting, double folding, side opening, metal sliding + flat open hall door

Rough car bottom (users will lay 20 mm thick decorative finish floor)

optional car specification


2.13m or 2.39m car complete clearance height

mental handrail

Luxury four frame car top style

Transparent folding car door (used for classic paragraph)

hairline ss slide door

wood grain color steel plate sliding door

Plane arrangement form and size

(Automatic sliding car door + flat open hall)


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