Technology Professional Home Villa Lift / Elevator

The villa lift is provided to a single family using a private elevator

Product Details

Home Elevator

Hydraulic or Traction type
Capacity (kg): 250, 320, 400, 450kg
Speed (m/s): 0.4m/s 

Home Elevator Cabin

Decorative type cabin or hairline stainless steel, according to clients' requirements
Manual opening door or auto opening door




stainless steel

Model Number:

Brand Name:


Elevator Type:

Passenger Elevators

Drive Type:


Rated load:


Operation control mode:

Set selected control

Floor material:

PVC board



Place of Origin:



Home Elevator


stainless steel


Pls kindly to send inquiry for more cabin models.





The effective and individual

 function distribution

VOLKSLIFT home elevator adds various operational functions so as to satisfy the individual requirements 

according to different demands from vast users.

The one who does not have right of passage can not sue the elevator-It is the beneficial measures to

 maintain the resdents'safety.

Only the residents with IC Intellectual Card can reach certain floors-It is private VIP service for high 

grade people

Elevator outer calling,internal selection dtc.are available for the old or the handicapped and it is

 convenient for them to operate in the wheel-chairs-Upgrade to VIP service


Standard function
Overload non-start(Warning light and buzzer)A beep,as well as voice guidance,sounds to alert the passengers that the car is overloaded:the doors remain open and the car does not leave that floor until enough passenger exit the car
Running times Display function

For the convenience of repair and maintenance,lift control cabinet sets a counter to count total travel of the lift

Car-top and control cabinet Emergency electric travelcontrol cabinet sets inspection operation switch inspection button emergency stop device at car-top in inspecing the car-top it gives first priority to inspecting control cabinet after inspection starts,apart from responding the relevant inspection operation,the car is forbidden to respond other operations and can not move about
Automatic lighting controlLighting can be automatically  controlled according to the lift running condition if the lift is not used for certain period of time(the time can be adijusted)it automatically shuts the car lighting.
Automatic detection function to any troublesit automatically detects any troubles of the lift system
Alarm bellUnder special conditions the passengers can press alarm button in the car to inform the outside in time

Light curtain door protection device

Door light curtain protection system forms an invisible light curtain protection safety net ant the lift door As soon as the ray gets interfered the lift door re-opens andwill not rouch the passengers.

Car call erase

if the wrong car button is pressed it can be canceled by queckly pressing the same button again twice


if the lift is no longer sued start stop switch in the hall after responding the calling,it automatically returns to the designated floor and parks there

Display of landing travel directionThe static or dynamic indicator shows the lift travel direction in the landing
UPS power-failure emergency leveing

When external power grid loses power if the lift is not in the leveling position power-failure emergency rescue system will rely on its own carrying power system to control the lift and travel towards light-load direction till the leveing position at inspection speed and opens the door if the lift is in leveling position power-failure emergency rescue system will control the lift and open the lift door.

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