Kasper MRL Home Lift with Luxury,customized,manual Door ,tractive ,panoramic Types Used in Villa

1.Name of product: home lift 2.Information of product 3. Main technical parameter Product introduction Steel strap machine Permanent magnet synchronous adopts imported SKF bearing and Germany HEIDEHAIN encoder. Optimized motor design and high efficient traction ability and lighter car make...

Product Details

1.Name of product: home lift

2.Information of product

Brand name:

Kasper elevator

Model number:

Home lift

Manufacture standard:


Place of origin:


3. Main technical parameter

Product name

villa elevator


machine roomless

speed range


capacity range


maximum travelling floor


maximum travelling height



flexible decoration series

applicable place


Product introduction

Steel strap machine

Permanent magnet synchronous adopts imported SKF bearing and Germany HEIDEHAIN encoder.

Optimized motor design and high efficient traction ability and lighter car make comprehensive efficiency increase greatly.

The machine adopts simple support beam structure,mechanics structure is more reasonable and space layout is more beautiful.

Adopting small shaft diameter traction pulley,reverse wheel and counterweight wheel and slim main engine arragement make the hoistway shadow area smaller.

Meet the demands for low pit、no pit and machineroomless in the smallest overhead space;

KA-GDB traction machine and accessories to meet the test specification requirements of the EN81

Steel belt

Surface cladding for high strength polyurethane material (TPU to protect the steel from being rusted)

The green environmental protection, without the use of lubricating oil, no oil processing, clean, improve service life.

Reduce friction sound and metal between round and into the groove sound, quiet operation, at the same time does not produce wear metal traction wheel.

Magnetic flux leakage detector can detect any consistent with damage wire strip in.

Compared with the traditional wire rope life exponentially growth.

More flexible, increases with the driving wheel contact area, more energy-efficient, more efficient.

Main Specification Sheet

Rated Capacity:


No.of passengers:




Max.number of landings:

4(4 stations)

Drive method:

Hydraulic power

Sightseeing Angle:


Elevator car:


Height of elevator car:


Door width:


Guide Structure:

 type    straight guide

Rated Speed:


Min.headroon height:


Main power:




Opening Method:

Single door/opposite door/angle door




Concrete/ Al frame

Installation places:


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Logistics packaging

Suitable for long-term transportation such as air water and land transportation

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