High Quality Villa Elevator

It is installed in private housing for single family members only. It can also be installed in a building used by a non single family as a tool for a single family to enter its domicile, but the public or other residents in the building are unable to enter and use them.

Product Details

high quality 250kg villa elevator for home


Braun elevator was founded in 1986 in central Germany industrial city of Kassel (Kassel), the company since its inception has always been customer oriented, to provide users with excellent technology and service.

since its inception has always been customer oriented, to provide users with excellent technology and service.

China Braun almost covers all elevator products: passenger elevator, Villa elevator, machine-room-less elevator, bed elevator, cargo elevator, escalators, observation elevator, etc.,

Welcome to cooperate with us and become good partners upon below strengths:

• German exquisite technology, rigorous attitude and high quality standards

• good quality management by ISO9001:2008, CE certification

• strong technical and engineering

• We use the best parts for our elevators, like Monarch or STEP etc.

• we control the design, control system, and the parts quality and delivery.

We offer the OEM and customized service.

We’re always looking for potential distributors around the world. 

Braun elevator is growing its global distributor base. If you want to be part of the success story, contact us now to explore the possibilities.

1. Villa Small Elevators For Home Use specification









Net size of door(mm)




Net size of car(mm)




Hoistway size(mm)




Top floor height(mm)


Pit depth(mm)


Door open type

2p center opening


Private and independent residence


Traction machine




AC VVVF control

Max stops


Max rise(m)


Motor power(kw)

















2.Small Elevator functions

1.Variable Frequency Control System, Microcomputer Control

2.Variable Frequency Door Operator

3.Infrared Ray Curtain For Door Protection Device

4.Overload protection Device

5.Internal Call System

6.Collective Selective Control

7.Each Floor Display Function

8.Emergency fire operation

9.Emergency Light Device

10.Alarm Contact Device

11.Lighting Automatically Shut Off And Delay Function

12.Over Speed Protection Device

13.Emergency Power Operation

14.Anti-Nuisance Car Call Protection

15.Door Overload Protection Device

16.Speech Synthesis Service

17.Emergency Unlocking Device

18.Landing Direction

19.Landing Direction Indicator


3.The advantageous performances

1.Deticated multi-functional,all-digital conversion syetems,precise control of the elevator running state,

the perfect running curve allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride feel.

2.Mature technology,advanced security detection systems and protective devices,ensure that you and

your family perfectly safe.

3.High compatibility,not only meet European standards,bou also more in line China´s national standards.


Basic Info

Elevator Door: Center Opening Door

Door Knife: Single

Deceleration Device: With Deceleration Device

Attendant: With Attendant

Voltage: 3pH 380V/ 3pH 220V

Traction Roping: 1:1/2:1

Drive System: Vvvf

Door System: Vvvf

Trademark: Ostar

Origin: China

HS Code: 84313100

Product Description

Product Use Range:
Independent Villa/ Newly-built Installation/ Townhouse/ Reinstallation to the Old House/ Indoor Installation

1. Efficient use of building space
2. Easy installation and short construction period
3. High efficient and energy saving
4. Wheelchair accessibility
5. Humane operation function
6. Convenient and safe maintenance and inspection
7. Smart security elevator

Specification of Gantry Structure:

Loading Capacity (kg)Speed (m/s)Cabin (D*E*H)Shaft (A*B)Entrance (LL*HH)Max. Lift Height (mm)


  1. High quality and reasonable price.

  2. Good pre-sale service and after-sale service.

  3. Without traditional machine room and extra building cost.

  4. Specially designed rucksack frame to the home lift.

  5. VVVF driving technology, adopts FUJIM FJH Home lift microcomputer control panel.

  6. Adopt slide or roller composite guide rail. 

  7. The special-purpose traction machine rack is fixed in the guide-rail. The construction does not bear the force. 

  8. Automatic door operator, synchronized tooth belt, which has more smooth transmission and less noise.

1.   Composite steel belt VS Traditional wire ropea. The Polyurethane material layer, no lubrication, light weight, low vibration amplitude.
b. Service life is twice of Traditional wire rope.
c. It is high safety coefficient because it's flexible and the contact area with drive wheels is increased.
 2.   Effective and energy-saving host
a.The volume is only 30%size of traditional host.
b.It is more energy-saving than the traditional geared motor. 
3.   The humanized door opening mood.FUJIM FJH Home lift using variety ways to open the door for customers' requirement, also can be designed according to customers' order.

How to do the elevator installation?
The final assembly of elevators are conducted on site, which is the most important chain in assembly.  
Normally, local people can do that job with our provided manuals and technology support. You can ask the local professional elevator engineers or technician to install elevators for you.You can also ask our engineers to go to your site to do the job but the cost will be much higher.We will send professional project manager to be responsible for internal planning, coordination, distribution of labor, project quality management and safety management of the installation project. Prior to the launch of each project, the project manager shall hold internal inaugural meeting to develop construction scheme and exchange technical documentations, and develop emergency scheme according to actual situations, so as to guarantee the project is completed in line with quality requirements and without delay. 

How about the delivery time?
Within 30-45 days after we receive the order.

 What kind of payments do you support?
T/T, L/C  other kinds, pls contact with us. 

Can you produce according to customer's requirement?
Yes, of course, we are professional manufacturer, need tell us the lifting height, load capacity and platform size, 
OEM we are also welcome. 

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