Good Quality Decorative Villa Elevator

The correct definition is the household elevator. It is installed in private housing for single family members only.

Product Details


VIGO Series Home Lift

Vigo Cares About Your Family

Cares about the health and comfort of the aged

Cares about the safety and growth of the young

Undisturbed Sleep

Sleep is not interrupted with the reduced noise level

With the combination of a low-noise traction machine, and a 3-tier noise reduction technology in the car wall, noise level produced by the operation of elevator is effectively reduced to 43 db.


Healthier Life Low Radiation

Radiation waves produced by the elevator will not affect human health nor interfere with home appliances. Conversely, home appliances will also not affect the operation of the elevator.


Comfortable Ride  Stable Transportation

Our home elevators operate in a much comfortable speed and are steady during the start-up of the elevator to secure high comfort level.


Safe Entrance/Exit  Safety Assured

The sensitive light curtain detects movement at the entrance area and provides door reopen signals.


During Breakdown

Breakdown Rescue System

In times of elevator breakdown, the breakdown rescue system will be activated automatically. Once activated,the lift will be sent to the nearest landing floor to let the passengers out.


During Power Failure

Power Failure Rescue System

During power failure, the elevator will be powered by stored power and send the passengers to the nearest landing floor.


During Emergency

Emergency Alarm

When emergency occurs, the emergency button will be activated and passengers will be able to speak through the communicator and call for rescue.


During Hide-And-Seek

Large Vision Panel

With large car windows, parents will be able to find their children easily.

Uses less than 800W of electricity


Radiation-free Control Cabinet

Our control cabinets are operated by 32-bit CPU chips which can process data efficiently and accurately.

The control cabinet is isolated from external interference as well as emitting harmful radiation.

Sensitive Light Curtain

Sensitivity of our car doors is greatly enhanced with ourGermanymade door system which have been tested for 8 million times. Furthermore, the noise level has been minimized to 10db.

No Special Hoistway Required

Our latest breakthrough innovation requires no custom-made hoistway, pit or traction machine. The installation is akin to the installation of any electronic home appliances where no big construction is required.


Smooth Hoistway

In our ultra-smooth hoistway system, we used a high performance guide boot, wear-resistant boot lining and automated oil absorption box. This combination of high quality gadgets ensures smooth operation of the elevator and at the same time friendly to the environment with no oil-stain.


Space –saving Narrow Hoistway

We minimized the hoistway area to maximize your home area.Together with the latest technology and precise installation; we are able to conserve 30% home space.


More Reliable Structure

With scientific calculation and design, we developed a brand new structure that allows steadier transportation, reduces the complexity of installation and more environmentally friendly.

According to data analysis, XJ Schindler elevators waste reduces 52% more energy in standby mode.


Leading energy conservation technology reduces 52% power consumption by elevators in standby mode.

XJ Schindler Series Elevators can transit smoothly hibernate mode when left unused for a prolonged period of time and normal mode when in use. This greatly reduces the power consumption of elevators to a mere 47W.


According to records: The effective operation of an elevator on a 24-hour basis is only 3-6 hours.When the elevator is on standby mode, the power wastage is approximately 300W.Cumulatively,the overall power wasted per year is approximately 2100kWh. This implies that supposedly, $1200 can be saved from the power wastage when elevator is in standby mode.The total amount of energy wasted by the world is almost equal to the total energy produced by QinShan Nuclear Station for 10 years.

Lift slide protection patent

Eliminates lift slide incidents

When the lift doors are opened, lift slide incidents can occur due to a spectrum of reasons. Before lift slide incidents can even actualise, our door protection system will be able to detect any abnormal movements by the elevator. When the elevator slide by 5cm, the protection system will be activated and the elevator will brake and stop within 20cm from the landing level. This prevents major lift slide incidents from occuring.







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