MRL Panoramic Lift Belongs to Syney with Full Selective Collective and Overload Protection Functions Which Is Used TV Tower

1. Name of product: Panoramic elevator 2. Information of product 3. Main technical parameter Sightseeing lift The hoistway and the car wall have at least one side transparent, passengers can watch the elevator outside the car scenery. Mainly installed in hotels, shopping malls, high-rise office...

Product Details

1. Name of product: Panoramic elevator

2. Information of product

Brand name:


Model number

Manufacture standard:


Place of origin:


3. Main technical parameter

Product name

Panoramic elevator


MRL panoramic lift

speed range


capacity range


maximum travelling floor


maximum travelling height



multiple standard decoration series

applicable place

Market、office building

Sightseeing lift

The hoistway and the car wall have at least one side transparent, passengers can watch the elevator outside the car scenery. Mainly installed in hotels, shopping malls, high-rise office building occasions, one or several sides of the well wall and car wall side is transparent material, passengers in the elevator, you can watch the scenery outside the car.

Sightseeing elevator.

Power: Motor

Car form: round, square

Foreign name panoramic lift; observation lift

Application: hotels, shopping malls, high-rise office buildings occasions


The modern elevator is mainly composed of traction machine (winch), rail, heavy equipment, safety equipment (such as speed limiter, safety clamp and buffer), signal control system, car and hall door etc.. These parts are installed in the building wells and room. Usually use wire rope friction drive, wire rope around the traction wheels are respectively connected with both ends of the car and counterweight, motor driving the traction wheel the car lift. Elevator requires safe and reliable, high transport efficiency, accurate and comfortable ride. The basic parameters of the elevator are rated load, rated speed, multiplicative number, car dimensions and the well pattern.

Including traction motor, traction sheave, reducer, brake, traction machine base, handwheel traction system etc.. The rope wheel is mounted on the bearing beam. The elevator traction machine is the driving mechanism of the elevator, the bearing beam through a traction rope wheel, bear the full load of all components of the reciprocating movement (dynamic and static), the use of steel structure bearing beam.

Suspension compensation system is composed of a traction rope, car and counterweight to all structures, compensation rope tensioner, etc.. The car and the counterweight is the main components of the elevator running vertically, the car is the passenger and freight container.

The guiding system comprises a guide rail and a guide shoe, guide the car and for vertical movement.

Electrical system is the elevator control system, including a variety of contactors, relays, controllers and monitors, etc..

Safety device, speed reducer, safety clamp, buffer, various door safety devices.

Working principle

Sightseeing elevator glass housing.

1, and the building, and the surrounding environment into one, not only as part of the building, but also to add a beautiful scenery moving,

2, sightseeing elevator FRP structure not only perfect show the compact space, and the overall appearance. According to architectural design, different convenient, generally adopts a circular, semi-circular, and square.

3, smooth and comfortable ride feeling of staircase landscape, to bring the user is a enjoyment, a novel, 4, is widely used in various types of public and private buildings, such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, tourist attractions, high-grade residential etc.. The development, design and construction process of sightseeing elevator products, the main products are: elevator hoistway steel structure, glass curtain wall type sightseeing elevator escalator cover, curtain wall cover, and supporting the elevator decoration services. Related industries have major hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, real estate development companies, banks, government administrative units, exhibition halls, subway entrances, schools, private villas and other lines

Functions List of Elevator

with/without drive operation

Automatic return to the base landing

Automatic landing

Call cancel when begin reverse-running

Cage door opening when elevator arrives the floor where there is a hall call

Door opening / closing call indication

Indication in the cage when hall calling

Self-Learning of shaft data

Full load non-stop operation

Overload alarm, Car Operating panel display: “OL”

Alarming device

In-car and m/r inter talk device

Light and fan auto-control

Elevator Locking Device

Door closing time auto delaying

False-call canceling

Emergency Light

Driven over current protection

Door opening / closing time-limited protection

Rope sliding protection

Door Nudging

Trouble self-diagnosis and memory

Over speed falling protection

Top/Bottom landing overpass protection

Inspection Operation

Floor display

Light curtain protection with mechanical safety edge

Fireman’s return switch


Detail display


Packaging / Logistics

We will do debugging before export

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