Home Residential Panoramic Elevator

The hoistway and the car wall are transparent at least on the same side, and passengers can watch the elevator outside the car

Product Details

Product Information


Product Information
Technical specifications of the semi-circular panoramic elevator(counterpoise on the side)
Model numbleGSTG800GSTG1050GSTG1150GSTG1250GSTG1350GSTG1600
Inner dimension AxB(mm)1300x16501400x18001400x19001400x20501500x21501600x2200
Net to open the door Size(mm)800x2100900x2100900x2100900x2100900x21001000x2100
Shaft size XxY(mm)2300x23002400x24002400x24502400x26002500x27002600x2700
Machine room dimension SxTxU(mm)3200x4500x25003200x4500x25003400x4500x25003400x4500x25003400x4500x25003600x4500x2500
Rate Speed(m/s)
Top floor heardroom height OH(mm)450046004700480050005400
Pit headroom height(mm)190019502000210022002500
*The above top floor clearance height is the height of the cage net height equal to 2300mm

 Product Function

· Group control for 2-8 elevators

· Independent service for passengers

· Automatic leveling against power failure

  (with storage battery)

· Fireman operation

· Automatic return to base station in fire alarm

· Automatic return when door opening &

  closing hindered

· Mischief prevention function

· Collective control operation

· Delay closing operation

· Attendant operation

· Collective control of lighting and fans

 Technical Specification

Top Quality Fuji Brand 1.0M/S Panoramic Elevator for small house

Product Description

Panoramic Elevator 
With Machine Room; Gearless Traction Machine; VVVF Control;

CapacitySpeedFloorGroup controlDecoration
630~1600kg1~2.5 m/s36 floorsMax 8 unitsSquare glss cabine
Semi-circular glass Cabine
Car door and landing doors: Glass / stainless steel / painted steel

Why us
High quality: Heidenhain encoder, Premium magnetic steel thermostable up to 180 degree, accurate leveling, PM door operator, optional multi functions...
Energy Savingas high as 40%
Space savingsmaller shaft size required;
Low noise: quiet brake, 5-10 (db)A noise reduced, perfect for residential
Produce all the
 core components by own factory (Machine, Controller, door operator); the components have better compatibility
advanced technology, management and quality control system

More Function:
Public Safety of passenger
1  Light curtain
2  ANS-Anti-Nusisance Car Call Protection
3  Intelligent anti-nuisance function
4  LNS-Lodad Non Stop
5  LWS-Overload Protection
6  Button anti-adhesion protection
7  Door closing torque protection
8  ELTU-Emergency light
9  ALARB-Alarm Bell
10  DTC-Door Time Protection Close
11   DTC-Door Time Protection Open
12  Door panels forced cloding upon gravity
13  EFP-Emergency Fireman operation
14  EFO Reservation
15  Fire feedback
16  Local leveling
17  Fire feedback
18  ARD-Automatic Rescue Device
19  Earthquake operation
20  Core closing anti-function (1.0-2.5m/s)
21  Door opening prohibition outside door zone

Basic functions of elevator
1  Floor display
2  FCL-Full collective operation
3  Dynamic display
4  CBC-cancel error calls
5  Autonmatic elimination of reverse command
6  Door re-opening
7  DHB-Door Hold Button
8  Locking at main landing
9  Braille button
10  Time peak
11  Hall arrival gong
12  Car arrival gong
13  Auxiliary operation panel
14  Operation panel for handicapped
15  Automatic return to main landing
16  Machine room sound-proof and vibration-proof device
17  Group Control

System safety

1   Contact detection and protection on safety contactor
2    Brake feedback&detection
3    Independent dual brake
4    Running time limiter
5    Overspeed protection
6    Low speed protection
7    OHT-Drive overheat
8    Two way monitoring door lock
9    Safety circuit fault protection
10    Main control CPU WDT protection
11    HOP Checking

1. Inquiry
Re: please send inquiry from MIC, or contact me Please let me know the the specification, such as capacity, speed, floor, shaft size, pit depth, overhead, etc

2. Payment term
Re: T/T or L/C at sight.
3. Shipping & price term
Re: Both EXW/FOB/CIF price terms are ok, we have reliable forwarder can help arrange the shipment for you.
4. Package
Re: wooden.
5. Installation & Maintenance
Re: We will send installation & maintenance manual along with the elevator in the container. Our agents from all over the world also can provide service.
once you need any technical assistant from us, just don't hesitate to contact us.
Technician will be sent to the job site if necessary.

1.The parameter is just for reference.Actual conrtact needs to be proceed according to layout drawing.
2.Hoist way sizes of panoramic elevator are minimum sizes,please keep hoist way contruction accuracy and vertical degree.

3. Installation
We are not responsible for the installation for overseas customers, but, we are happy to send our engineers to accomplish the installation at customers' costs if it is really needed. We are not recommend our esteemed customer to adopt in this way, as the cost is really huge indeed.

4. Production Equipment 
The moderndized and advanced KUIKO Hangzhou factory is equipted with more than 80 sets high end elevator manufacturing equipments including Germany TRUMPF laser cutting machine, Japan Murata multi-station NC machine tool, Japan OTC robot automatic welding machine, Canada Eyck CNC bending machine, CNC milling machine which enable the annual production ability beyond 20,000 units.

6. Aftersales Services
We guarantee that all the spare parts and/or accessories were original quality products. We guarantee that all the production and inspection in our factory were strictly carried out according to Chinese Standard GB7588-2003 & Europe Standard EN-81.

7. Agent Wanted
We are always looking for qualified/experienced elevator distributors to cooperate with us on long term basis. We are happy to provide distributors our promotion price as reward for the cooperation. International agent business and/or OEM manufacturing, both are welcome to our company.

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