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Zhujiang Fuji Elevator Helps Guangdong Hengjin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. To Achieve Safety, Efficiency And Energy Saving

Aug 21, 2018

Guangdong Hengjin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., established in October 1998, is a general contractor-level enterprise for industrial and civil construction projects. After years of development and growth, we now have a solid economic foundation, capable technical force, exquisite construction skills, advanced construction equipment and strict hierarchical management system, based on the enterprise spirit of "quality for survival, reputation for development". The city, facing Guangdong, has become a comprehensive construction enterprise integrating engineering construction general contracting, building decoration and decoration, indoor water and electricity installation, municipal public facilities, sports ground facilities, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, water conservancy and hydropower construction projects.

Zhujiang Fuji Elevator has always insisted on product quality as the core, deep research technology for 32 years, focusing on elevator technology upgrade! This time, Guangdong Hengjin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. provided a number of environmentally friendly passenger elevators with a speed of 1.75m/s and freight elevators with a load of 3000KG. The passenger elevator has a running speed of 1.75m/s, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of the 14-storey building. At the same time, the freight elevator is equipped with the special needs of the construction company.

With 32 years of focus and 32 years of professionalism, Zhujiang Fuji Elevator provides you with intimate service to help enterprises safe and efficient office and help urban construction and development!

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