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Yuexiu District Old Building With Elevator Installed With Escape Ladder

Apr 02, 2019

There is no elevator in the old community. The old man climbs the ladder and is tired and tired. It is terrible to move things upstairs! !

With the introduction of the subsidy method for elevators in Yuexiu District in 2017, more and more people, especially the elderly, hope that the community can install elevators.

Recently, the elevator preparatory team at No. 51 Taiping Shatianbao Street in Yuexiu District issued a thank-you plaque to People's Street City Management Section, Taiping Tongjin Community and People's Street Social Worker Service Station. It is reported that the type of the building is a "good" shape. In order to meet the conditions of installing elevators, a ladder for maintenance and escape has been deliberately designed. It is the first case in Guangzhou!

No. 51 Tianbao Street is a 20-year-old housing reform house. Most of the residents are retired employees of Guangzhou Light Industry Machinery Company. The building is 8 stories high. The first and second floors belong to the company's property. From the third floor, it is a residential building. There are a total of 18 households. Almost every family has an elderly person over 60 years old.

Add a corridor to solve the problem of special building installation

 It is reported that the type of the building is a "good" shape. The newly installed elevator belongs to the concrete structure of the balcony. It is built in the middle of the balcony of the 01-type balcony and the 02-type bedroom. The two households can walk out of the elevator. It is very convenient to enter the house. As for the 03-type households, it is relatively troublesome to take the elevator, because the size of the apartment is 6 meters away from the elevator, and the residents have no way to go straight to the elevator. Therefore, the platform was built on the 2nd floor, and the residents of 303, 403, and 503 can take the elevator on the 2nd floor. In addition, the corridor is built on the 9th floor. The residents of the 603, 703, and 803 floors can take the elevator to the 9th floor. .

In order to use the elevator safely, the elevator is surrounded by aluminum alloy, and the user needs to drop the card to open the door and enter the elevator.

Set up an escape maintenance iron ladder for the type of apartment

It is understood that because the elevator can not be built on the wall, in the event of an accident, the maintenance personnel need to enter the home of the household to carry out maintenance, which is very inconvenient. In order to smoothly install the elevator, the design party deliberately designed an iron ladder next to the elevator for daily maintenance and emergency escape.

The escape ladder is placed close to the elevator and is built together in the aluminum alloy wall. Since the escape ladder can reach the top of the building, a warning sign is placed at the entrance of the ladder to inform parents to look after their own children to prevent accidents. For the sake of safety, the entrance of each ladder is locked, and the position of the lock is higher than 1.2 meters.

There is policy support, technical cooperation, and the owners are united. It is not a dream to install an elevator in an old building!

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