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You Mustn't Take The Elevator To Escape The Fire Test In Case Of Fire To Tell You Why

May 22, 2018

In the event of a fire, we cannot understand why we cannot use elevators. However, when a fire is caught off guard, especially when you are in a high-rise building, people always want to escape the fire from the fastest way, it is natural to think of taking the elevator to escape.

However, you may not realize that when you step into the elevator car, it means that you are one step closer to the danger.

On May 18th, an elevator company of Hangzhou Fire Protection Association Jianggan District did an experiment on elevator smoke rescue. It used an experimental method to tell you why you could not take the elevator to escape when a fire broke out.

    Non-toxic smoke cake floods the elevator car

    Two mice momentarily restless

The test site was conducted in an elevator shaft. First, firefighters placed two experimental mice 1.5 meters inside the car to simulate what would happen when humans encountered smoke in the car.

In order to make the experiment more realistic, the experimenter simulated the fire on the first floor and lit the smoke cake at the same time. The flue gas produced in the elevator turned into a vertical flow immediately after entering the elevator shaft and quickly entered the elevator car through the door seam. After the smoke cake was burned for 10 minutes, the firefighters performed simulated rescue.

Prior to the experiment, the staff monitored by placing four probes inside, on the bottom of the elevator car, on the top and on the corridor. After the experiment began, through the monitoring probe, we can see that when the smoke flooded the elevator car, the two mice that had been twitching were obviously arrogant.

Just a few minutes later, the elevator doors were opened by firefighters. The car was full of smoke. Through the cage, the mice could be seen to have died without suffocation, but they could feel their panic and the reaction became dull. .

“This is the smoke of non-toxic smoke cakes. If it is a real fire, there may be a risk of suffocation in toxic smoke for 3 to 5 minutes. Once the elevator is enveloped by heavy smoke, the elevator shaft will become a dead end.” Hangzhou Fire Brigade Yang Boxuan, deputy section chief of the Department of Publicity, explained that this was the “chimney effect” and that the visibility in the fire field was almost zero when a fire broke out. This would undoubtedly greatly increase the difficulty for the rescue of firefighters.

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