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Yishujiacheng Integrity 315, We Are In Action

Mar 25, 2019

Integrity 315

     March 15 of each year is the “World Consumer Rights Day”, which was established by the International Consumers Union in 1983 to expand the promotion of consumer rights protection and make it valued worldwide. To promote cooperation and exchanges between consumer organizations in countries and regions, and better protect consumer rights in the international arena.

On March 15th, it was a holiday for consumers. For the operator, it is a test.

     The letter is the foundation of the people, the foundation of society, and the integrity of people cannot be established. And if a company loses its integrity, it will be cast aside and will not survive in society!

Integrity is the brand, integrity is the competitiveness, the power of integrity is unstoppable! With the creed of “integrity”, Yishu has the most advanced and professional R&D, production and sales of modern factories. Yishu has always brought consumers “safe, safe and high-quality” home enjoyment with stable product quality and good terminal service!

On the occasion of the arrival of this “3.15” rights day,

Yishujia solemnly promises to consumers:

Keep improving, strictly control the quality of products, improve safety

Production, installation and sales as one, ensuring that the service is guaranteed after it is sold at home.

Integrity-based, every step strives for perfection, accepts real-time supervision and inspection by consumers

Some people regard 315 as a beast

And we are not, because we

Do not forget the initial heart, adhere to quality

Always and never slack off

For Yishujia, every day is 315

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