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Yibin Man Smashes Elevator Monitoring Twice In Front Of The Child

May 21, 2018

The residential elevator monitoring probes are designed to protect the safety of owners' lives and property. Whether it is real-time monitoring or after-examination, it has a huge effect. However, in the Youth District of Yibin City, a man broke the elevator monitoring probe twice on May 11 and May 12, until the monitoring could not be used. At present, the property of the community has reported to the police and submitted a monitoring screen.

    The two-stage monitoring video provided by the owners of the Youth Hostel in Yibin District showed that the men’s destruction of the elevator monitoring probes occurred at 16:20 pm on the 11th and 1220 pm on the 12th, respectively, and a small girl followed on both occasions. “In the face of the child’s destruction in the face of public property, this kind of behavior makes people angry.” The owner stated that while the man was destroying the equipment, he may also teach the child to be destroyed.

    The reporter noticed that after the man entered the elevator for the first time, he took the pole from the little girl next to him and used the metal U-shaped head on the top of the pole to poked the camera, causing the camera to look abnormal. The second time, the man also entered the lift with the little girl, and used a small fishing net to lengthen the head and poked the camera. The probe showed signs of damage. When the man broke the camera, the whole process was recorded in the background.

    Yibin Youth City Community Property Manager told reporters that the monitoring room found that the probe was damaged, and promptly arranged for technical personnel to carry out maintenance and restore normal functions on the 13th. Thereafter, the property company and the owner alerted the police and provided the local police with a video of the man sabotaging the monitoring probe. “It is initially determined that the man lives on the 13th floor, but it is not clear to the owner.” The property manager said that the monitoring probe is installed in the corner of the top of the elevator car and does not affect people’s travel.

    On the afternoon of the 17th, the reporter learned from the Yibin Lingang police that the police have clearly identified the identity of the man who broke the lift. Investigations are still ongoing.

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