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Year's Top Ten Elevator Brand List Announced

Mar 06, 2018


Recently, after a comprehensive evaluation of the enterprise scale, operational performance, growth potential, innovation capability, market acceptance and social responsibility, the list of the top ten elevator brands loved and approved by consumers in 2017 was announced on schedule. In the latest list of China's top ten brands of elevators, Shanghai Mitsubishi, KONE, Hitachi, Otis mechanical and electrical brands have achieved remarkable results.

    As a world-renowned elevator brand, there is no accident at all. In this time, the authority of the industry selection activities, Otis electromechanical virtue of their strong technical strength of the successful short-listed the top ten, and the achievement of this honor, but also proves Otis Electrical and mechanical is recognized by the market, double the high-quality elevator industry leading brand.

    As we all know, China is a large real estate development country, and the elevator as the main supporting real estate development of the core business of supporting products, the market structure and real estate development are closely related. According to statistics, as of the end of 2017, the number of elevators in China has exceeded 5.8 million units, accounting for as much as 45% of the global elevator ownership. This shows that elevators are in the stage of rapid development in the Chinese market and are the sunrise with broad market prospects industry.

    Today, however, Otis is also gaining momentum in China as a leading global manufacturer and technician of escalators and moving walkways. Especially in the latest list, Otis, Otis electromechanical, the two major brands at the same time short-listed, do not say much, Otis global elevator boss position remains stable.

    Nowadays, the elevator is no longer a mere means of transport, but an indispensable part of the modern construction industry management system. With its strong technical strength and good reputation accumulated in the industry, Otis Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has become a high-profile leading elevator brand and has kept pace with well-known brands such as Shanghai Mitsubishi, KONE and Hitachi, making outstanding achievements for China's real estate industry contribution.