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Yangzhou's First Residential Area Is Equipped With An Elevator To Be Installed. It Can Be Installed In A 6-8 Person Car With Air Conditioning.

Dec 27, 2018

                                           Residents gave a thumbs up after the ride experience

                                           Install elevator appearance

    "With this elevator license, we can safely take the elevator up and down the building." Yesterday afternoon, the old man Liu Shu, who lives in the 5th building of Wenhe Cuiyuan, finally used the elevator. For the residents of the 5 buildings of Wenhe Cuiyuan Community, yesterday was a memorable day! This also marks the official opening of the city's first existing residential elevators.

    The reporter learned from the municipal housing management department that as of the end of this year, there were 13 units in 10 districts with elevators installed in the city, which will bring great convenience to the owners.

    Neighbors come early

    "Sit very comfortable, the head is not dizzy, better than the imagination." The owners of the 5 buildings of Wenhe Cuiyuan can't wait to take the elevator, and they are very satisfied.

    The reporter saw at the scene that this elevator adopts the sightseeing design style. The main frame is about two meters away from the building door. Each floor has an aisle and can be directly connected to the house. The elevator car is very spacious and can take 6-8 people. The upper part is transparent glass, the lower part is stainless steel plate, and the car has armrests on three sides, which is convenient for the elderly and disabled people. It runs very smoothly after opening.

    "I live in another high-rise building. I used to have an elevator. I think this elevator is better." I heard that 5 elevators can be used, and Li, who lives in 8 buildings, also ran. Early adopters." After riding the elevator, Grandpa Li straightened his thumb. "The top and bottom are very stable, there is no noise."

    There are quite a few elderly people in the old community. In the elevator design, the elevator installed this time also made a lot of thoughtful consideration for the elderly. For example, the car has armrests on three sides to facilitate the elderly and disabled. "There is still a benefit, you see this, there is air conditioning inside, we are not afraid of getting hot in the elevator in the summer." Uncle Li said.

    Elevator operation, safety is the top priority. The reporter learned from the elevator maintenance unit that they will carry out regular maintenance in accordance with national laws. Usually, if the community is powered off, the elevator operation will not be affected. "We have set up a dual-circuit electric meter on the elevator, which not only can record the electricity consumption of the elevator, but once the main power supply is cut off, the backup power supply will be activated immediately. It can ensure the elevator runs for a long time without being affected by the power failure." The relevant person in charge of the maintenance unit is introduced.

    City situation

    Adding elevators at the end of 13 units in 10 communities

    Wenhe Cuiyuan Community is just a microcosm of the installation of elevators in the old district of our city. “In addition, the four units of Building 1 of the Tai'an Urban Community in the Eco-Technology New City are being installed with elevators; next Monday, Units 1 and 2 of Building 9 of the Oil New Village in the Development Zone will have two elevators ready for construction.” City Housing Authority Property Management Director Nie Chunyang said that including Wenhe Crest, by the end of this year, there were 13 units in 10 districts with elevators installed in the city.

    Hot question and answer

    How much subsidy does the government have?

    The maximum subsidy for an elevator is 200,000 yuan

    Many residents are concerned about how much it costs to install an elevator? Nie Chunyang introduced that elevators with multi-storey and multi-property ordinary houses with five floors and above in the urban area will be subsidized by the government according to the standards of five floors of 160,000 yuan, six floors of 180,000 yuan, seven floors and above and 200,000 yuan. . The overall cost of installing the elevator in the 5 buildings of Wenhe Cuiyuan Community is 400,000 yuan. After the elevator is delivered, the government will grant a subsidy of 160,000 yuan, which will be distributed to the owner's joint account within 20 working days.

    How to allocate the later expenses? The representative of the elevator manufacturer said that the electricity and maintenance costs of the elevator will be shared by the owner as agreed. The double-circuit electric meter in the elevator green box can record the electricity consumption of the elevator, and the generated electricity charges are clearly recorded.

    Can I install it with a provident fund?

    Can use the provident fund to pay the contribution

    In July this year, the city's housing management, finance, planning, construction, quality supervision and other departments jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on the Pilot Work of Installing Elevated Elevators in Existing Residential Buildings in Yangzhou City", which mentioned: Applicants can apply for use. The family members' housing provident fund and housing subsidy for this set of residential property rights are used to pay the assessed expenses for the installation of the elevator. The total withdrawal amount shall not exceed the amount of the elevators to be paid by the household after deducting the government subsidy.

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