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Xiangyang Elevator Chamber Of Commerce Beijing Branch Activities

Dec 20, 2018

On December 14, 2018, the Fuyang Elevator Chamber of Commerce Beijing Branch Council was successfully held in the Party Member Activity Room of Beijing Huiyi United Elevator Technology Co., Ltd.

The main members of the council are Huang Zhaorong, Secretary General Yan Xiaolong, Executive Deputy Secretary-General Mao Qiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors Yu Guobin, Executive Vice President Tong Yiping and members of some of the governing units.

The conference topics were discussed on how to hold the 2018 Xiangyang Chamber of Commerce Beijing Branch Year-end Conference and Smart Elevator Forum. At the meeting, President Huang Zhaorong talked about his own views. Yan Xiaolong and Mao Qiang respectively expressed their views.

At the meeting, everyone agreed that the meeting room of the year-end conference room reflects the solidarity and cooperation of the directors of the Beijing Branch of the Xiangyang Elevator Chamber of Commerce, pooling talents, integrating resources, giving full play to the role of the bridges and ties of the clubs, and developing together and making progress together. Highlight the focus of the conference and let the participants through this forum have a full understanding of the current status of the elevator industry, and the industry is entering the era of IoT elevator maintenance is an inevitable trend. Through this conference, we must fully demonstrate the unity and cooperation between the various governing units and the corporate culture of each enterprise. Enhance the cohesiveness of the group, brainstorm ideas, share resources, and seek common development.

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