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Xi'an High Tech One District Elevator Elevator Advertising Vulgar And Explicit Owner Called Too Embarrassing

Aug 23, 2018

      When I went home to take the elevator, Ms. Liu accidentally discovered that the advertisement of a men's health club in the elevator room caused her discomfort.

    "One man and one woman, the action is intimate, the text is very exaggerated, the picture is very explicit." Ms. Liu said frankly that similar advertisements, if they appear on the street or outdoors, are not flawless, but this is in the elevator of the community, how much to consider The feelings of the owners, especially the children.

    Yesterday morning, this advertisement has been replaced in this district of Xi'an Gaoxinliu Road where Ms. Liu is located, but many owners are very impressed.

    A male owner said that some time ago, the son who had just attended elementary school asked him, "Why is the word 'sexual blessing' in the elevator different from the 'happiness' taught by the teacher?" He was asked to be speechless, afterwards. He realized that his son was affected by the advertisement of the elevator.

    The reporter visited a number of residential areas in Xi'an yesterday. Almost every cell in the elevator room was occupied by various advertisements. The most common ones were real estate, loans, plastic surgery, tourism, and reproductive health. The reporter randomly asked a few owners, and everyone had experienced the embarrassing experience of the advertisements in the elevator.

    In fact, community advertising, especially elevator advertising, has been a big controversy. Do you want to get the owner's consent when advertising in the community elevator?

    The staff of several property companies told reporters that in theory, any advertisement in the community needs to seek the opinions of the owners. However, if there is no industry committee in the community, the property company will “make a decision for the owner”. If the community has established a committee, it can be decided by the owners' meeting.

    Some explicit and vulgar content appeared in the elevator advertisement. Who is it?

    A staff member of a property company said that general advertising companies and properties would sign contracts that require advertisements to be free of false or vulgar content. However, some advertisements may use some suggestive words to attract attention and hit the ball. "After all, the content of the advertisement does not clearly indicate the vulgar content. In this case, there may be management gaps."

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