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Wuhan Pilot “insurance + Service” Mode, Community Elevators Can Buy Insurance Like Cars

Oct 22, 2018

Elevator Company installs elevator for Wuchang Shuxinyuan Community

Can a residential elevator buy insurance like a car? With insurance, when an elevator fails, timely payment of insurance can solve the maintenance problem. The reporter learned that some communities in Wuhan have started piloting insurance for elevators. The residential property reflects: “Elevator failures were quickly resolved, and the contradiction between owners, property and maintenance was resolved.”

The elevator enters the "insurance + service" mode

In June this year, Wuchang District signed an elevator insurance agreement with Ping An Property Insurance, which purchased liability insurance for super high-rises (100 meters and above) and 1011 elevators with a service life of more than 15 years. According to the agreement, the annual premium for each elevator is 446 yuan. During the insurance period, if an accident occurs during the use of the elevator, causing personal injury or property damage to the third party, the cumulative compensation limit for each elevator is 5 million yuan.

It is understood that these 1011 elevators are all residential elevators, and the insurance costs are funded by the government. Wu Huilong, head of special equipment management of the quality supervision department of the district, said that there are about 11,000 elevators in the area, including 5,000 residential elevators. “Residential residential elevators, especially old elevators, are not ideal for maintenance funds. Once the faults are discovered, it is difficult to solve the maintenance difficulties due to financial problems, which seriously affects the residents’ travel. The “Wuhan Elevator Safety Management Measures” implemented on March 1, 2016 Elevator production, use and maintenance units were encouraged to purchase safety liability insurance to improve the ability of relevant responsible parties to pay for accidents.” Wu Huilong said, “In the future, we will also expand the coverage of elevator insurance and pay more attention to the elevators for old communities. On the insurance', it is convenient for residents to travel."

During the interview, the reporter also learned that in addition to Wuchang District, Jianghan District and Hanyang District are also in the insurance of the community elevators through the implementation of the “insurance + service” model.

Insurance company involved in elevator daily maintenance

"The ultimate goal of the elevator to buy insurance is not to pay for it, but to better manage the elevator." The relevant person in charge of the quality supervision department of Wuchang District said. Relevant persons of insurance companies also said that the most important thing for elevator liability insurance is to play the role of “ex ante risk management”. After the insurance is underwritten, the insurance company certainly does not want accidents, so it will participate in the elevator management process. For elevators with better maintenance and good safety performance, the insurance premium rate is lower; on the contrary, the premium will increase.

The person in charge of the maintenance of the elevator said that the elevator buys insurance, on the one hand, it can force the responsible parties to improve the daily management and maintenance level; on the other hand, the timely payment after the failure can effectively balance the relationship between the owner, the property and the maintenance unit.

According to Huizhimei Property Company in Fuxing City Community of Jianghan District, 82 elevators in the community have bought liability insurance. Accidents such as elevators and elevator rooms are all paid, which not only makes the elevators have maintenance funds, but also reduces the losses for the owners. . "On the evening of July 28 this year, the water pipe on the 6th floor of a building in the Southern District burst, and four elevators were flooded and shut down. It is urgent to replace the parts. Because of insurance payments, the property and maintenance personnel repaired overnight and the elevator quickly recovered. "

The owners of the community have said that to buy insurance for the elevator, in addition to daily maintenance and supervision, the elevator has an additional layer of security, it is spending less money to protect peace.

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