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Wu Da Teacher Was Trapped In The Elevator For More Than An Hour, The Wife Asked For Help. The Property Did Not Believe.

Sep 13, 2018

Ms. Dai and her husband met in the underground garage and went out together. The husband did not show up and the phone could not get through. The wife suspected that her husband might be trapped in the elevator. After the property was reported, the property staff said that it was impossible. As a result, the husband was trapped in the elevator. It takes more hours to get out of danger.

Yesterday morning, Ms. Dai, who lives in Donghu Chutianfu, had great opinions on the property. In response, the property said that it would be apologetic.

Wife asks for property not to believe

Ms. Dai said that she lives in Building 2, East Lake Chutian House, Bayi Road, Hongshan District. This is a 26-story high-rise residence. Her home is on the 15th floor. At about 4:30 pm the day before yesterday, she started from home. The 40-year-old husband was a teacher at Wuhan University. From the school back to the community, the two men met on the phone in the underground garage. Unexpectedly, I only talked in the first few minutes, and then I couldn’t get through my husband’s phone.

She turned to the property staff for help. Her husband entered the underground garage with two elevators. It might be trapped in the elevator, but the property staff said it was impossible. Ms. Dai found a private car in the underground garage, but she did not see her husband, and found it in the community for nearly half an hour, still not seeing her husband.

Later, some owners still reflected that the elevator was broken in the group, and the property knew.

At 5:13 pm, she dialed 119 and the firefighters rushed in quickly. Because the elevator card was on the first floor and the first floor of the mezzanine floor, it was impossible to break the door to rescue. The property personnel said that the elevator maintenance personnel had been notified. Ms. Dai’s husband, Mr. Ren, told reporters that he returned to the community from the opposite school and took the elevator from the two first-floor halls to the underground garage. Unexpectedly, when the elevator suddenly came down, he stopped and he pressed the elevator. The control panel found a malfunction, and the alarm button at the top did not respond, and there was no signal from the phone in the car. At that time there was lighting in the elevator, but there was no air-conditioning fan, it was very stuffy, and he had a lot of sweat.

He patted the elevator door. It seems that a landlord found out to help the security guard. He didn’t get out until 5 pm in the evening. "If you change to an old child, you will be trapped for so long, and the consequences will be disastrous."

Trapped elevator 77 minutes

Yesterday morning, Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter came to the 2 buildings of the community to see that there were two elevators in the building. The outside was closed with a baffle, and one of the inside was used normally. Property monitoring showed that at 4:32 pm on the previous day, after Mr. Ren entered the elevator, the elevator broke down. Mr. Ren started to press the alarm button at the beginning. During the period, he patted the elevator door and forced the elevator door to open. Unable to get out, waved to the camera, and later sat helplessly in the elevator... until 5:49 in the afternoon, he was rescued and trapped for 77 minutes.

Ms. Dai said that after the husband came out, there was no such thing as the property. According to the person in charge of the residential property, they found that after the elevator failed, they sent staff to check and check the top of the car. There was no sign that someone in the car was trapped. As the elevator stuck in the mezzanine and exceeded the rescue capacity of the property, the property quickly notified the elevator maintenance unit. The rescue time is a bit long because the elevator maintenance personnel rushed to the traffic jam on the road, and the other elevator wire rope break in the building was suspended and waiting for material maintenance. The elevator maintenance personnel could only climb to the 26-story elevator room and lift the elevator to the elevator. First floor. The elevator failure occurred because the root wire was stuck in the elevator access control, causing the circuit protection device to be powered off and the operation panel malfunctioning. There are more than 200 cameras in the community, and the property staff failed to find Mr. Ren, who was trapped in the elevator in time, and there was negligence in his work.

Yesterday, the property has contacted Mr. Ren and agreed that after Mr. Ren’s departure from work, the property will be apologetic.

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