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Wrestle On The Escalator, The Boy's Fingers Are Pierced By The Comb Plate

Mar 04, 2019

A shopping mall in Wuhan, a boy more than 1 year old, accidentally fell on the escalator, the small hand was pierced by the comb plate, and the fingers were stuck in the gap. Wuhan Children's Hospital immediately started a multidisciplinary joint consultation after the consultation, arranged emergency surgery for the child, and finally "save" the finger.

More than 1 year old boy baby rose (a pseudonym) lived in Hankou, on the morning of the 25th, grandma took him to a mall to hang out, the little guy was happy to jump. On the escalator, the ascendant fell into disappointment, and the small hand supported the ground, and immediately burst into tears. When Grandma saw the cold sweat, the little grandson's left-handed little finger pierced the sharp metal of the elevator's raised part, and the finger stuck in the gap and couldn't move, and the mouth was also bruised. The staff of the mall heard the news and stopped the elevator, and took off the elevator parts connected with the rising hand. The child was rushed to Wuhan Children's Hospital and contacted the fire. At about 11:30 in the morning, the ascending to the emergency department, after the emergency surgeon Yang Chunlei received the diagnosis, in order to further clarify the child's injury, immediately initiated multidisciplinary joint treatment (MDT), initiated dental, emergency medicine, orthopedics Wait for more doctors to jointly consult. Initial examinations confirmed that the ascending mouth was not a problem, but the middle section of the little finger was pierced and the metal passed along the bone of the child. The firefighters also rushed to the hospital, but because the metal that penetrated the child's fingers was small, the area was small. If the tool was cut, the tool would vibrate and quickly conduct heat, which could cause secondary damage. After the consultation, the doctors gave a solution: give up cutting with a fire-fighting tool, immediately prepare for surgery, and remove foreign objects.

In order to get the child to be treated as soon as possible, the director of the emergency department, Cai Xiaofang, opened a green channel for the child, quickly completed the preoperative preoperative examination of the electrocardiogram, chest radiograph, etc., and arranged for the hospitalization procedure. The young ascendant has been crying so much. In order to comfort the child, but also to avoid mood fluctuations and interference with the test results, the emergency department nurse has been softly soothing and ascending, using the pig's toy to divert his attention.

After that, the emergency medical care escort was raised to the operating room of the surgical building. After perfecting the relevant examinations and anesthesia, the operation began at 12:40, and the metal surgeons and the doctors of the Department of Orthopaedics, Li Song, and the doctors of the Department of Health, successfully removed the metal foreign bodies. However, because the subcutaneous soft tissue, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, and bones of the ascending small finger are broken, even after the smooth connection, the child's future interphalangeal joint flexion and extension, finger feeling may have a certain impact, and rehabilitation training is needed in the future.

The reporter found that reports of people injured in elevators have long been commonplace. There are baby strollers falling, children falling, children climbing armrests, clothes and shoes, hands and feet (toes) being clipped, and so on. Experts reminded that the correct posture of taking the baby on the escalator is: the adult holds the handrail in one hand and holds the child in one hand to ensure that the child is inside the yellow line. Usually, parents should educate children, the elevator is not a toy, and you can't play when you take the elevator. When parents bring children, try to take a straight ladder. If you don't have a straight ladder, don't let your child leave your line of sight. Since the escalator is a level one step between the plane and the step, if clothing or soft shoes are accidentally caught by the steps, people may be taken away. If you are wearing soft shoes or long skirts, you should pay special attention to the clothes when you take the elevator. Once an accident occurs, try not to tear it and avoid secondary damage.

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