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Woman Is Pulled Out Of Elevator

Jun 25, 2018

In the past, we read news about elevators that people were frightened when they took elevators and elevators. But nobody would have expected that when they were doing elevators, the elevators were not damaged but they were met. Harassment by strangers. The story happened a few days ago. In the new archway in Chongqing, Ms. He, who lives here, was “harassed” when she came home to take the elevator. Fortunately, Ms. He was not in danger and she then called the police.

After the alarm, after the civilian police took the police, they found Ms. He and him to understand the situation at that time. Ms. Ho recalled that she was home on the lift where she lived and met four men in the elevator. Four people wanted to She was dragged out of the elevator. Ms. He took hold of the elevator door. Fortunately, she was not pulled out by the four men. When she recalled, Ms. He looked like she was in fear. This made Ms. He take the elevator. With a little shadow. It is inevitable that such things will happen.

    After escorting the property with the police, he found the man who was dragging Ms. He at the time, but when asked about the man, the man actually said that he had not moved Miss He. Ms. He was very angry and said that she had dragged herself out of the elevator. Did you still call it? The man felt that Ms. Ho had said a bit too much and asked the police to call out surveillance videos. After the monitoring was called out, we could see in the surveillance video that at that time, Ms. Ho was standing next to the two people in the lift. Ms. He took a step back. After a while, two people came in. Ms. He stood alone in the corner because the monitor could not hear the sound. According to the enquiry party, it is known. One man asked Ms. Ho if she could understand what they were saying. Ms. He responded and said it.

Then another man asked Ms. Ho to live in a few buildings. Ms. He did not directly answer that she was upstairs. When Ms. He pressed the floor button, a man took a chance to touch Ms. He’s hand. Scared Ms. Ho hiding in the corner, only after the elevator doors opened, several men were out of the elevator, but one of the men pulled Ms. Ho, and Ms. Ho struggled to get rid of it. Ms. Ho said that they were looking for their own WeChat, but Ms. He responded that she did not have WeChat. When the man pulled out of the lift, she said she was away and went to our house to have a tea. Ms. He hurriedly said no, and then the man came out of the elevator. According to the monitoring and the parties’ oral dictation, the police learned about the situation and mediated the parties. Finally, the two parties agreed to agree that the man should pay Ms. He $1,000 and he apologized to Ms. He.

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