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Will Be A Person To Win The World!

Oct 11, 2018

What is a person?

I would rather suffer a loss than a small one.

I would rather pay and not let the people down.

I will not annihilate my conscience for money.

Will not deceive the trust of others for the sake of profit.

Do things for people:

No matter whether it is stupid or sweet,

Good heart is the capital!

People live forever:

Whether you can say it or not,

Bright and upright is the key!

Not disguised, not perfunctory, not deceiving,

It’s the truth of one person!

Understand tolerance, respect and understand,

It is the goodness of one person!

What is lost by a person,

You can't lose your heart;

A person has nothing,

Nor can you have no conscience.

Being a man of the sky, he is worthy of himself;

Bright and upright, no regrets.

No matter what year or month,

Self-respect, in order to win respect!

No matter who,

Sincerely, it can touch people's hearts!

People can be richer, but they can't be stinking.

People can be stupid, but they can't be shackled;

People can be fine, but not insidious.

People can be lazy, but they can't afford it.

Regardless of love or friendship:

Most afraid to take the heart to pay,

But get ruthless disappointment.

You are honest, everyone wants to bring you closer;

You are sincere, everyone is willing to pay attention to you.

Being a person, if you are in love,

You can win the world and win the hearts.

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