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Why Have The Policies Related To The Installation Of Elevators In Old Residential Buildings In Zhengzhou Not Been Introduced?

Dec 06, 2018

The old community has installed elevators as a livelihood issue, and the residents have been calling for many years. In late August of this year, relevant guidelines for Henan Province have been introduced, bringing hope to many communities that want to install elevators. However, more than three months have elapsed since the issuance of the opinion. The relevant policies of Zhengzhou City are not known, and they have not been introduced.

Old residential residents who need to install elevators, some elevator installation plans have been designed by elevator companies, only waiting for Zhengzhou policy to be issued, anxious to look forward to; old people in old communities, can't wait, have installed plans Publicity, the contract will be opened in the near future. Then, in the case of residents in the old districts of Zhengzhou City, the relevant policies for the installation of elevators in old houses in Zhengzhou City have not been introduced.

According to the employees of Zhengzhou Elevator Company, there are only a lot of old communities that need to install elevators at their company. Many of them are design plans and effect drawings have already come out, "just wait for Zhengzhou City policy." For example, he said, taking the Henan Provincial Water Resources Department's family hospital, the community has been opened for 10 times because of the elevator installation, and now everything is complete, just wait for Zhengzhou's policy. The family department of the Henan Tobacco Bureau has even opened more than 100 times. Some owners have opened it themselves, and they have invited their elevator companies to go. The current problem card of the community is stuck in the proportion of the contribution, and everyone has not yet reached an agreement.

At present, in the installation of elevators, the following problems are urgently needed to answer and solve the relevant policies of Zhengzhou: 1. As for the "old buildings installed elevators", will Zhengzhou have financial subsidies? If so, how much is each elevator subsidy? 2. Which part of the resident's contribution, the rate of assessment, is there a reference plan? 3, the provincial guidance, relatively more general, for those old districts that can not wait, in which department to go to apply for the formalities, what is the specific process? 4. The provincial guidance only mentions that the conditions permit, you can use the provident fund and maintenance funds, but where are the specific applications for these funds, what procedures do the owners need to show? These problems require the refinement of Zhengzhou's policies.

Relevant personnel of the Zhengzhou Municipal Planning Bureau revealed that the department actually drafted a basic draft for comments, but it has been transferred to the Zhengzhou Construction Committee for investigation and improvement. Specifically, it is necessary to ask the current construction committee responsible for the matter.

The relevant person in charge of the Zhengzhou Construction Committee said that the department received this matter in July this year. After several months of hard work, the first draft has been formed and submitted to the Zhengzhou Municipal Government. The next step is to wait for the Zhengzhou Municipal Standing Committee. discuss. Speaking of this matter, the person in charge said that they often receive such inquiries. When it is introduced, it is necessary to look at the work arrangement of the Zhengzhou Municipal Government. "It should be very fast." The person in charge also revealed that the first draft involved The relevant financial subsidies have been received, but the specific amount is not disclosed because it has not been officially issued. In addition, after the official launch, they will also introduce a series of supporting measures based on the situation of the field visits, giving you some reference.

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