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When The Elevator Is Not Repaired, The 86-year-old Is Locked In The Elevator For Half An Hour.

Mar 06, 2019

Really shocked!

Elevator repair in a certain district of Luzhou is enabled

Causing 86-year-old man to be trapped in the elevator

Symptoms of difficulty breathing

Fortunately, the old man was rescued in time!

On February 27th, an incident occurred in the urban Yan'an Square community due to an elevator failure, an old man was locked in the elevator for half an hour.

At about five o'clock in the afternoon, five 2-story households in the community and Zheng, 86 years old, went home. When they entered the elevator, they pressed the button on the 8th floor. Unexpectedly, the elevator rose to the 2nd floor and suddenly slammed. The old man presses any key and the elevator does not move. The ladder door is closed, and the alarm is pressed quickly, but the alarm fails.

The old man was in a hurry and pressed the "call for help" button. He pressed seven or eight times. Fortunately, he responded. The other party said, "Wait a minute!" After five or six minutes, the old man heard footsteps, and some people played outside for a few minutes. Although the elevator door was opened, people could not get out because there was a wall in front of them. The outside man twirled for a while, and opened a window about 30 cm high on the head of the old man, asking the old man to reach out and let him pull up, but he could not pull it. The old man asked the other party to borrow a chair nearby. After the other party left for five or six minutes, he took a chair. The old man stood on the chair, his hands forced to climb up, the other side helped pull, and finally climbed out of the elevator. The old man was locked in the elevator for half an hour, panting, breathing difficulties, and quickly went home to eat the heart, and slowly eased.

It is understood that this elevator has been faulty for nearly one month. On February 27th, the elevator company sent a maintenanceman to repair it. It can be activated without being completely repaired, resulting in an accident. Elevator safety is related to the personal safety of residents and should be taken seriously by relevant departments.

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