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When The Elevator Has The Following Conditions, It Means That It Is Time To Renovate!

Nov 06, 2018

According to international practice, the service life of the elevator is 15-25 years. However, once the elevator running time exceeds 10 or 15 years, the performance of all aspects has dropped. It is likely that the operation is carried out with disease, and the shutdown due to the failure will also occur because the failure rate is extremely high. These old elevators were once a "time bomb" for urban security.

So how do you judge when the elevator needs to be remodeled?

Early warning! ! ! Over 10 years of elevators, when the following conditions are found, it means that the elevator needs to be upgraded and upgraded!

1. When the elevator arrives at the leveling level, the accuracy is too large, and it is easy to trip over the car.

2. When the elevator starts and stops, the jitter is large, and the ride comfort is poor.

3. There are many elevator failures and it is difficult to repair. For elevators more than ten years ago, most of the spare parts may have been discontinued, and the maintenance is very difficult. This is one of the important reasons for the urgent need for renovation of the elevator.

4. Elevator consumes high power and has poor operating efficiency. It is expressed in early products, step-down start-up, and high energy consumption.

5. The elevator is outdated and the overall image is not good.

"How to make the elevator regain youthfulness on the basis of extending the life of the old elevator?" is a topic that has been deeply studied by the Smapp elevator system transformation and upgrading platform.

After decades of experimental research, Smapp Elevator has explored a complete set of old elevator modular retrofit solutions, including elevator smart modules, security modules and personalized modules based on customer needs, to upgrade and replace aging loss components. Give the elevator a new era of safety and functionality, and get a 10-year lifespan.

Intelligent upgrade

Adding elevator early warning safety system, including remote monitoring, early warning security and other modules, and setting modules according to individual needs to realize intelligent elevator.

                                                      Shorten construction time

The systematic construction scheme has short construction time and convenient installation, and it hardly affects the use.

                                                     Cost savings

Smapp Elevator's perfect supply chain system saves the cost of upgrading and upgrading elevators. By purchasing one-third of the cost of new elevators, you can have a new intelligent and energy-saving “new” elevator.

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