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What Is The Risk Of Using The Escalator Model?

Oct 11, 2017

Electrical risk

Power failure, disconnection, loss of pressure caused by the motor reversal or driving force is insufficient, resulting in the escalator upside down, especially in the overload of the working conditions; low-voltage components or devices short circuit, adhesion, Or safety circuit, brake control circuit failure, so that failure, can not play some of the protection, control, stop and other effects, so that escalators reversed.

Mechanical risk

The drive chain and the chain sprocket between the drive chain chain caused by the reverse; driven cascade chain chain caused by the reverse, the escalator serious overload, resulting in insufficient torque caused by the reversal of the drive and the drive between the sprocket The use of the belt slip caused by reversal, escalators and automatic sidewalks in the event of a sudden failure caused by emergency stop, and the working brake can not provide enough braking torque and lead to reversal.

How does the escalator model clean up after use?

Escalator model of the handrail with a long time will be stained with a lot of dirt, dirt removal is a relatively troublesome thing. Usually with a cloth with a cleaning agent to scrub. When scrubbing the handrail, do not scrub in the process of running the escalator. This is prone to danger. After the power outage with a rag carefully scrubbed, scrubbed up and then run the escalator model so that the lower hand side of the handrail to the escalator. And then gradually all the cleaning.

It is necessary to carry out maintenance of handrail belt regularly with chemical cleaning agent cleaning and mechanical running wear. Generally use a professional handrail with a protective solution dedicated to spray, after spraying scrub. Generally half a month maintenance time.