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What Is The Future Escalator?

Oct 26, 2017

Escalator from the birth has been 100 years of history, the structure and shape of the escalator has been basically qualitative and the basic model of international unity, this is a good thing but also a bad thing. The good thing is that the uniformity of the model data facilitates the uniformity of the international uniform size of the installation and its spare parts. Bad thing is to fix people's innovative thinking. Can not evolve more advanced and more energy efficient escalator.

In recent years due to safety continues to increase and decrease the escalator escalator doubly attentions, it was now time to time to snatch the major news headlines certain escalator stabbing incident, some time ago the escalator to swallow people who talk time Ladder color change, so the safety of modern escalator is a very important thing, in addition to a high escalator is a high power consumption is a big drawback. Now the escalator motor power is generally 11kv day by eight hours, every dollar is 88 yuan per dollar.

In my own sudden inspiration in fact escalator down the words can be done 0 power consumption or very low power consumption. My idea is to use lightweight cascade links on the main drive shaft of the escalator and the lower negative drive shaft. The main drive shaft does not use the chain link to drive the motor. So that the formation of the two spindles on the link on the cascade when the passengers step on the first rung after the cascade will be gravity will run down, due to inertia under the contract sooner. We can increase the transport of a device to make the escalator uniform down, so that a zero power escalator escalator was born.