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What Is An Elevator?

Mar 10, 2017

A vertical lift with electric motor, with box shaped pod, for multistory buildings or by people carrying goods. There are steps, step plate installed in continuous operation of the track, commonly known as automatic lift.

Fixed lifting equipment for service floor. It has a car, running between at least two vertical or inclined angle less than 15 degrees of rigid rail. The size and structure of the car is convenient for passengers to enter or unload goods.


Regardless of the way it is used, the elevator is used as a general term for vertical transport in buildings.

According to the rated speed can be divided into low speed elevator (1 m / s or less), fast elevator (1 ~ 2 m / s) and high-speed elevator (more than 2 m / s) of the 3. The middle of the nineteenth Century began to use hydraulic elevator, is still in the application of low rise buildings. In 1852, the United States E.G. Otis developed a wire rope hoist safety elevator. In 80s, the drive device has been further improved, such as the motor driven by the worm winding drum, the use of balance weight, etc.. At the end of nineteenth Century, the friction wheel drive was adopted, which greatly increased the lift height.