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What Breaks The Elevator And Always Fails?

Mar 19, 2018

Changchun Global Triumph Mansion Community is located near the intersection of Ecological East Street and Tianfu Road. Once it enters the community, it will reverberate with the sound of the decoration. Some of the residents’ buildings will have a “welcome to the owner’s home” at the bottom of the building. Brand, but for some owners, returning home has become a concern - because the elevator always fails.

  It is always reflected in the owner group that people are trapped

Mr. Yao bought a house in the 20th block of the community and obtained the house key in mid-December, which has just begun to be renovated. “Many materials need to be transported back and forth, and there is only one elevator in our home and the materials are all transported by elevators.” Mr. Yao said that the owners of his residential building have established a WeChat group, and what will be communicated in the group? . In the past few days, he heard that the unit in which he was housed, the elevator always malfunctioned, and more than one person encountered this situation, which made some people feel bad. "I didn't experience it, but there were several other owners who had said this, saying that the elevator could be broken several times a day, and people were trapped in the elevator," said Yao.

The New Culture reporter joined the WeChat group and tried to find the owner who had been trapped by the elevator. However, only two of the 182 WeChat groups responded. A female owner stated that he had been trapped in the elevator on the 27th. Another male owner stated that he had encountered situations where the elevator doors could not be closed. “At that time, I was only 3 people in the elevator and it was downstairs. As a result, the door was suddenly closed when someone was on the elevator. The lift indicated a failure and the power supply was gone. Only the alarm key and others could be used to repair.” The owner said.

Although the two owners stated that they had encountered an elevator failure, they were reluctant to disclose the incident.

Inspecting the decoration workers for this habit

On the morning of the 28th, the reporter went to Mr. Yao’s 20 residential buildings and visited the 34-storey building of Unit 1 and 3 units. Most of the residential buildings are in the renovation stage. There are a lot of renovation workers in and out, and the ground near the building door is covered with a lot of dust. From time to time, it can be seen that the granular foam “runs” on the ground. The atmosphere of the entire corridor is filled with dust, some residents have their own doors open, and several workers are under construction. The building door of the residential building is always closed and opened. It is opened and closed. Large and small carts are loaded with woven bags. "Let one let, let one let." "Be careful not to touch." Similar cries echoed in the corridor.

After walking through a 34-floor building, the reporter found three workers who were under construction. They all said that one unit of the elevator had not experienced any problems for the time being. The three-unit worker said that the elevator failure frequency is very high and there is no time when one day is not bad. "I have only 10 days to decorate. I can basically hear about elevator problems every day. I have met several times myself and I'm used to it now. There is no big deal," said one worker. The unit's elevator is still in the "unopened" state. The elevator is covered with wood and the exterior is still covered with plastic sheeting. There is a notice posted on the property inside the elevator. The content is about the safe operation of the elevator. The second section emphasizes that the cleanliness of the car and the car doors should be improved, and the debris in the door chute should be cleaned to ensure that the elevator door is normal. Opening and closing.

  Normative use of property is also a cause of failure

Regarding the failure of elevators in the community and the owners’ concerns, a person in charge of HSBC Property, which is responsible for the management of the community, said that they had received complaints from the owners. “We do not rule out the possibility of problems in the elevator itself, but according to our understanding, the non-standard operation of the owners and decoration workers when using the elevator is also the cause of the elevator failure.” The responsible person stated that many residents in the district are currently Louzheng is in the middle of the decoration stage. The frequency of passing the decoration materials through the elevator is also very high. “According to our regulations, the cart cannot enter the elevator. All the decoration materials must be packed in woven bags, and we cannot cover the elevator doors. It has communicated with the owners several times, and special personnel are inspected within the community, but the problem still exists."

The responsible person explained that, first of all, the material transported during the renovation would drop a lot of dust and fall into the chute at the bottom of the elevator, and the elevator would easily fail. Secondly, on both sides of the elevator door is a light curtain (similar to the sensing device). When it is found that there are objects on the closed path, it will be automatically opened. Some people will use foreign materials to block the elevator door from closing in order to facilitate the transportation of materials, which will seriously affect the use of the elevator. “We had seen such a situation when we were on the inspection floor. Some people needed to transport tiles, but with a large number of tiles, he used a tile to block the elevator door and then repeatedly carried it. At this time, the elevator door was not completely still. But as I know, some brands of elevators will crash when repeatedly twitching 40 times, that is, they will fail. Therefore, we will put reminders in the elevator.” The responsible person said that the elevator belongs to special Equipment, repairs and operations must be undertaken by professionals. The property is also negotiating with the elevator company on this matter. At the same time, it is hoped that the owners and construction workers can use the elevator correctly

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