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What Are The Standards For The Collection Of Elevator House Property Fees In 2018?

Nov 09, 2018

     When it comes to property fees, many people are angry. The standards for payment seem to vary from region to region. Then, in 2018, what is the standard for collecting property fees for elevator homes? Next, and listen to the small series to elaborate.

     The new residential community property service charging standard has been introduced, and the guiding price is charged according to the property service level. The grades are divided into 5 levels, and the different grades are different. They are mainly divided into multi-storey houses and elevators with elevators. Among them, the house with elevators ranges from 0.8 yuan per square meter to 1.9 yuan per square meter.

   The property fee collection standard is based on property services. The first-to-five-level fees are gradually increased. The better the service, the higher the corresponding charges. Therefore, you feel that the property service is not in place, the daily maintenance is not timely, and the cleaning is not timely. Negotiating property fees with the Property Management Office is the legal right of the owners and must effectively protect their power.

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