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West Ji Xunda 230 Elevators Help Zhengzhou Airport Construction

Apr 16, 2019

Recently, Xiji Xunda won the bid for the seventh purchase of the elevator centralized procurement project of Zhengzhou Airport Port Navigation Co., Ltd. 2016-2018, supplying 56 elevators, plus the third and fourth purchases of the previous project. It has won the bid for 230 elevators in succession, and Xiji Xunda will continue to help Zhengzhou Airport Construction.

Zhengzhou Airport Port Area is China's first national-level airport economic comprehensive experimental zone with a planned area of 415 square kilometers. It is an integrated hub integrating aviation, high-speed rail, intercity railway, subway and expressway. It is near Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. The Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone is the core aviation economy and aviation metropolitan area.

Zhengzhou Airport Port Area Hangcheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a state-owned sole proprietorship company under the Administrative Committee of Zhengzhou Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone. It is mainly responsible for the development of Foxconn supporting industrial real estate development, demolition and resettlement of comprehensive insurance zone, evacuation of villages and cities, and construction of affordable housing. .

West Ji Xunda S5000 series passenger elevator

Cost-effective to bring you a pleasant and comfortable ride experience

Smart and efficient XT-5 master control system

     Optimized upgraded MJ16D door machine system

     Efficient and powerful traction

     Multiple protection safety design

     Pleasant and comfortable ride experience

     Sustainable energy-saving technology

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