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Villa Ladder And Passenger Elevator Is Different

Jun 30, 2017

The mechanical part of the elevator is relatively stable quality, but some of the useful life is too long, serious mechanical wear or institutional design in the existence of congenital problems, such as the old-style domestic elevator door institutions, with various conditions change and the emergence of various Different failures, seriously affecting the use. On the basis of the original on the elevator for local or a wide range of transformation, to achieve safe and reliable use, reduce the failure rate and the transformation of the elevator to reach the current level of technology.

In order to better enjoy the private life, many villa owners have chosen to install the Villa Ladder. And in the attention of this private elevator in the process, friends for the elevator and passenger elevator is also very important difference, hoping to grasp the difference between the two better, to have a more comprehensive understanding of the elevator.

The difference between the Villa Ladder and the passenger elevator is to recognize that the two most basic differences are the range of uses, the former being the elevator for the family, and the latter being the public lift. Of course, there are differences in the load capacity, private elevator load weight is often lower, the public elevator load is often much higher.

Know the difference between the two, there are different ways to open the door, private elevators can be divided into automatic doors and hand door two ways, but the public elevator is only automatic door mode. In the specific drive mode there are also different, private elevators tend to take a more environmentally friendly drive mode, the public elevator to take greater efforts to drive the way.

So that in the Villa Ladder and passenger elevator differences can have more awareness, hope that friends can actively grasp the difference between each part. This is to help people understand the basic knowledge of elevator products, for each elevator in-depth understanding of the help is very large, so many friends are also concerned about the relevant knowledge.