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US: Manufacturers Recalled Approximately 8,000 Home Elevators Produced Between 1979 And 2008

Nov 02, 2018

The CPSC website of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission published a recall notice, and Waupaca recalled about 8,000 home elevators installed between 1979 and 2008.

    The reason for the recall is that the elevator may have a bottom and an emergency stop, causing serious damage to passengers in the car. The elevator cab can fall unexpectedly to the bottom of the elevator shaft and abruptly stop, posing an injury hazard to consumers in the elevator cab. The company has received 12 relevant accident information, 10 of which have a sprained foot or knee Sprain or fracture.

    The models of this type of elevator are Custom Lift 450# and Custom Lift 500#, and the serial numbers of these elevators are announced, which can be found on the control cabinet.

    Remedy for recall: The user immediately stops using this type of elevator and contacts the manufacturer for repair

    The manufacturer will check the elevator's gearbox for free (the wearer can be replaced free of charge) and install the overspeed brake.

    If you remember correctly, this is the third recall of the announcement for the home elevator since the committee in 2016.

Wu Xingjun Note: Some emotions!

    Good guy, the elevator installed between 1979 and 2008! The earliest installed elevator is probably almost 40 years old! It has been used for so many years and requires factory recalls. This is unthinkable in the Chinese elevator industry. It is very difficult for us to find the responsibility of the manufacturer after the free maintenance period! In addition, my impression that the elevator has been transferred to the old elevator after 15 years is part of the proposed replacement.

    Residential elevators, the full name of private elevators, are elevators used by single households. Elevators used in single households in China are not covered by supervision. But I personally always feel that no matter what equipment is installed in a single home, at least it should be safe. After all, people don't understand the security of the equipment here. Huai'an father and son "elevator" trapped in death Authoritative department voice: homemade hydraulic lifting equipment, does not belong to the elevator!

    An understanding of the recall. The elevator recall did not remove the elevator and reinstalled one. It is only to replace some parts that have failed (such as the current gearbox), or to add some safety devices (such as this overspeed brake), the essence is to eliminate the unreasonable risk. The recall system is a very mature system after the industrial revolution, and there are some misinterpretations in the country!

    An understanding of irrational risks. The United States is a case-status country that implements a strict product liability system. The requirements for product safety sometimes feel very unintelligible. A few years ago, I especially liked to look at the court judgments of American elevators. I found it very interesting. I think that the court decisions of others are difficult to understand, but it is estimated that these ones, which we find difficult to understand, have promoted the improvement of the quality of American elevator manufacturing. Here is a simple example: In the past few years, OTIS was sentenced by the court to be liable for a freight elevator manufactured in the 1920s. The reason for the decision was that the elevator was not injured by the installation of the car door on the freight elevator. I remember that there are two main defenses for OTIS: 1. The elevator was built in the 1920s. At that time, there was no standard requiring the freight elevator to install the car door. 2. The freight elevator was no longer repaired by them decades ago. Maintenance! We think about OTIS saying yes! How can the court judge such a complicated question? In fact, it seems to be simple, by the jury! Several ordinary people determined according to their common sense of life: Should this freight elevator should not follow the car door at that time? Good guy, it’s estimated that these people’s dads are not born when they install the elevator! So everyone discussed it and felt that it should be installed. As a result, OTIS lost. Sorry to pull away!

The following is the details of the CPSC website of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, for colleagues who need to do research:

 Report an Incident Involving this Product

    Recalled Waupaca residential elevator, Custom Lift

    Name of product:    Residential elevators

    Hazard:   The elevator cab can fall unexpectedly to the bottom of the elevator shaft and abruptly stop, posing an injury hazard to consumers in the elevator cab.

    Remedy:  Repair

    Recall date: October 25, 2018

    Units:  About 8,000

    Recall Details


    This recall involves residential elevator models Custom Lift 450# and Custom Lift 500#, shipped and installed between 1979 and 2008. The recalled elevators are used in consumers’ homes. The Custom Lift 450# elevators have serial numbers 10-1001 through 10-3131. The Custom Lift 500# elevators have serial numbers 10-3132 through 10-8111; 010-00-8112 through 010-10-8786; and 110-00-1000 through 110-03-1179. The serial number can be found on the front or bottom of the controller box or on the base of the powerhead. The powerhead can be located in the attic, closet, machine room, crawl space, garage, or the bottom of the hoistway.



    Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled elevators and contact Waupaca Elevator to schedule a free gearbox inspection and the installation of a free overspeed braking device. Waupaca Elevator also will provide the installation of a free gearbox if the gearbox inspection reveals that the gears in the gearbox have worn down.


    The firm has received 12 reports of the elevator cab falling unexpectedly, including 10 reported injuries that resulted in strained or sprained knees and ankles, and broken bones.

    Sold At:

    Waupaca Elevator's dealers nationwide from 1979 through 2008 for between $5,000 and $14,000.


    Waupaca Elevator Company of Appleton, Wis.

    Manufactured In: USA

    Recall number:  19-022

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