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Tragedy: After The Elevator Door Is Opened, The Car Continues To Go Up, Causing One Person To Fall!

Nov 23, 2018

Tianjin Emergency Management Bureau released the news: At 7:00 on November 14, 2018, three construction workers of Tianjin Wantongda Engineering Co., Ltd. were preparing to take the elevator to the 17th floor for floor tile laying on the 7th floor. After the elevator door was opened, the car continued to go up. As a result, a construction worker fell to the negative 1st floor elevator shaft and died after being rescued.

                           The elevator is almost one of the essential tools for our daily life.

                           But at the same time as going up and down the building

                           It is also full of insecurities

                           Life is in an instant

                           Please always pay attention to the safety of the ladder

Remember: the top ten safety precautions for the elevator!

 ■ Do not kick, squat, squat, and slab (hall) when waiting (multiply)

When passengers are kicking, squatting, squatting, and leaning on the floor (hall) when waiting (passing), there is a possibility that passengers may fall into the hoistway or be cut by the car, causing personal injury.

■ The use unit must not put the elevator with fault or unqualified into operation.

The use unit will continue to put the elevator into use if the elevator has not been eliminated or has not passed the inspection, and there is a high possibility of personal injury or death.

■ Do not blindly enter without looking at the elevator car

If the passenger does not see whether the elevator car is parked on the floor, blind entry will result in the accident of the person falling into the hoistway.

■ The use unit must not hand over the elevator triangle key to undocumented personnel.

Non-certified operators can use the elevator triangle key to open the hall door without training, which may cause the person to enter the hoistway without the elevator car in the floor, causing the person to fall.

■ Do not squeeze into the car or move in when the elevator is overloaded with an alarm.

Passengers still squeeze into the car or carry items after the elevator overload alarm, which will cause the elevator to not close the door, affecting the operating efficiency. If the situation is serious, the traction rope will slip, the car will slide down, and even personnel shearing and other accidents will occur.

■ Don't panic when trapped in an elevator, call for help immediately, wait patiently, go out on the level

When the passenger is trapped in the elevator car, he should call for help through the alarm device or call for repair, and wait patiently for the rescue in the car. If you rush through the squat, squat, and kick the door, it may happen. accident.

■ Do not take elevators (or lifts) that expressly prohibit people from carrying people.

Take the elevator (or lift) that expressly prohibits the carrying of people. Because such equipment does not have the basic safety conditions for passengers, it is easy to cause accidents such as crushing and shearing.

■ Don't play, play, jump in the elevator

Passengers play, play, and jump in the elevator car during operation, which is particularly likely to cause the elevator safety device to malfunction, causing "sleepy people" and casualties.

■ Do not enter or exit the car while the elevator is running or during the door closing process

During the operation of the elevator or during the process of closing the door, if the passenger runs (goes out) from the elevator car, it is prone to shearing accidents.

■ Do not let children take the ladder alone

The child rides the elevator alone without the supervision of an adult. Because the elevator button cannot be operated correctly, it will be closed in the elevator car. Especially in the case of elevator failure, it is impossible to get in touch with the outside world and cannot be rescued in time. It is prone to accidents.

Take the elevator and remember to be safe! ! !

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