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Traction Machine Classification

Dec 13, 2017

One by deceleration mode classification

1. Geared traction machine: drag the power of the device, through the intermediate reducer to the traction wheel traction machine, which usually use worm gear box

Traction machine

Traction machine

Wheel worm gear (also useful helical gear drive), the traction motor with AC, but also DC, generally used for low-speed elevators. Traction ratio is usually 35: 2. If the hoisting machine motor power is transmitted to the traction sheave through the gear box, known as gear tractor, generally used for low-speed elevator 2.5m / s below.

2. Gearless traction machine: Drag the power of the device, without the middle of the reducer but directly to the traction wheel traction machine. In the past, most of these traction machines were powered by DC motors. Now China has developed AC permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machines with independent intellectual property rights. Traction ratio is usually 2: 1 and 1: 1. Load 320kg ~ 2000kg, the speed of 0.3m / s ~ 4.00m / s. If the motor power is not directly transmitted to the traction sheave through the gear box is called a gearless traction machine, generally used for 2.5m / s above high-speed elevators and super-high-speed elevators.

3. Flexible transmission traction machine

Two. According to drive motor classification

1, DC traction machine can be divided into DC gear traction machine and DC gearless traction machine.

2. AC traction machine can be divided into AC gear teeth traction machine, AC gearless traction machine and permanent magnet traction machine which AC traction machine can be subdivided into: Vice worm gear, cylindrical gear pair Traction machine, planetary gear Vice traction machine, other gear Vice traction machine.

Three. According to the use of classification

⒈ double-speed passenger and freight elevator traction machine

⒉VVVF passenger ladder traction machine

⒊ grocery traction machine

⒋ no room traction machine

⒌ vehicle elevator traction machine

Four. According to the level of speed classification

⒈ low-speed traction machine (ν <1 m / s)

⒉ speed traction machine (fast traction machine) (ν = 1 m / s ~ 2 m. Seconds)

⒊ High-speed traction machine (ν = 2m / s ~ 5m / s)

⒋ Super high speed traction machine (ν> 5 m / s)

V. Classified by structure

⒈ horizontal traction machine

⒉ vertical traction machine