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Tianfu New District Promotes The Pilot Work Of The New Model Of “insurance + Service” To Solve The Problem Of Elevator Maintenance Supervision

Mar 21, 2019

In the face of the current severe safety supervision situation of elevators, Sichuan Province has built a dual prevention mechanism for elevator safety risk management and hidden danger investigation and management, and strived to improve the long-term mechanism of elevator safety management, and promote the implementation of the main responsibility of the users and maintenance units. The responsible body is in place, and the social assistance system such as liability insurance and maintenance fund is established, which is based on the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise as the core, enhances the safety awareness of the workers and the public, and realizes timely and effective social assistance. The supervision of all parties is effective. A new mechanism for elevator safety work with multiple social governance.

According to the main person in charge of the Tianfu New District Urban Management and Market Supervision Bureau, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research on elevator safety, to grasp it, to grasp it, to grasp it carefully, to identify the difficult points, the risk points, the pain points, and to fully promote the requirements of the new supervision mode. January 11 The Tianfu New District Urban Management and Market Supervision Administration organized a seminar on demonstration of elevator safety liability insurance.

Wu Yonghui, deputy head of the Quality Supervision and Management Department of the Urban Management and Market Supervision Bureau of Tianfu New District, researcher Zhu Zhijun, Wang Jianghai, secretary general of Sichuan Special Equipment Safety Management Association (hereinafter referred to as “Sichuan Special Association”) and relevant staff attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Minister He Yunqiang of the Sichuan Special Insurance Insurance Department made a special introduction to the new model of elevator “insurance + service”. Combined with the basic conditions of current insurance, elevator safety management difficulties and related insurance policies, what is the new mode of elevator “insurance + service”, the characteristics of the new model of elevator “insurance + service” and the service content, etc. The new model of elevator “insurance + service” combines the characteristics of Sichuan to introduce four schemes of “basic insurance”, “equipment basic insurance”, “equipment upgrade insurance” and “full insurance” for elevator users.

Wang Jianghai, secretary general of Sichuan Special Association, pointed out that the "insurance + service" pilot work program pointed out that "the ultimate goal of elevator insurance is not to pay, but to better manage the elevator."

"Insurance + Service" aims to establish a new insurance model for government supervision, insurance coverage, and industry associations. Through the exploration and promotion of “insurance + service”, the standardization of maintenance content, price transparency and service intensification will enable elevator users to effectively pass insurance transfer risks, realize risk controllable, controllable costs, and lift elevators to elevators. Responsibility and cost caused by the failure. Through the combination of elevator operation and insurance services, let the data "speak", let the results "direct", let the effect "flag", let innovation push "the government to take a step back, the market is further", and gradually establish the market as the main body, professional services A new mode system solution for elevator safety management for support and insurance risk protection.

Wu Yonghui, deputy head of the Quality Department of the Urban Management and Market Supervision Bureau of Tianfu New District, pointed out that the number of elevators has grown rapidly. In recent years, elevator safety has received more and more attention from the society. Elevator maintenance is an important part of ensuring safe use. However, due to the low transparency of the maintenance market and the low-level malicious competition, the maintenance has become a weak link in elevator safety supervision by repairing insurance, cutting corners and reducing the flow. Since 2016, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, together with the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the PICC P&C Insurance Corporation, has innovatively proposed a new model of “insurance + service”. While playing the role of insurance relief, the insurance market constraint and incentive mechanism are used to break the dimension. The problem of maintaining supervision, building a new mechanism for social co-management, and promoting the quality of maintenance. At present, Zhejiang Ningbo, Hangzhou, Fujian Fuzhou, Tianjin and other places have been piloted. Tianfu New District plans to carry out the “insurance + service” pilot work in 2019 to strengthen the social supervision of elevator maintenance with market-oriented mechanism and information technology. Improve the quality of elevator maintenance in Tianfu New District.

In the next step, Sichuan Special Association will assist Tianfu New District City Management and Market Supervision Bureau to continue to promote the pilot model of the new model of “insurance + service”, and in the process of promotion, combined with industry integrity construction, credit evaluation and multi-community services, strive to The “Sichuan Model” was established in “Insurance + Service” to explore the establishment of a safety guarantee mechanism for the entire life cycle of elevators.

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