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Thyssen Elevator Launches Sunshine 365 Ice Flower Boy Love Book House Project

Nov 01, 2018

Recently, ThyssenKrupp Elevator (hereinafter referred to as “Thyssen Elevator”) launched a special care project, the Sunshine 365 Ice Flower Boy Love Bookstore Project, which was sent to the children of the elementary school where the online red man “Ice Boy” is located. Got a warmth.

     At the beginning of 2018, a photo of a little boy with a white hair was on the red network. The protagonist was a left-behind child from the Shanshan Baomiao Hope Primary School in Xinjie Town, Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. He walked for more than an hour in winter. Going to school, the weather is too cold, and the hair is full of frost. With the popularity of the photos, this impoverished small mountain village has also received public attention.

     In July of this year, Thyssen Elevator launched this special care project - Thyssen Elevator Sunshine 365 Ice Flower Boy Love Book House, hoping to make a contribution to the growth of the children of the Hope Mountain Nursery Hope Primary School. Through the company's internal fundraising, Thyssen Elevator has collected more than 6,000 books for children who are eager to read and lack of books, as well as stationery, toys, school bags and other items. Thyssen Elevator Sunshine 365 Fund also purchased laptops and bookshelves.

     On September 7th, the donation ceremony was held at Zhuanbaobao Nursery Hope Primary School. Mr. Yu Jianwen, Chief Human Resources Officer of Thyssen Elevator Asia Pacific, Dr. Chen Min, Chief Human Resources Officer of Thyssen Elevator (China), Southwest District Ms. Liu Xin, Senior Manager of Regional Personnel, Mr. Zhou Kai, Director of Ludian County Poverty Alleviation Office, President Fu Heng of Changshanbao Primary School, and Mr. Liu Dexiang, Manager of After-sales Service Department of Kunming Branch.

     At the donation ceremony, Dr. Chen Min kindly told the children that there are many uncles and aunts outside the mountains who are concerned about their growth and hope that they can learn knowledge and become a useful person to the country and society. Pass on the warmth you feel and use your power to help more people who need to be cared for. Zhuanshan Baomiao hopes that the principal of the primary school, Mr. Fu Heng, will speak on behalf of the school and express his gratitude to the company's donated colleagues. He also hopes that the children will study hard and return to the society in the future.

      After the donation ceremony, the volunteers of Thyssen Elevator led the children to play the poetry game. The children who won the game won the books as prizes. During the period, the volunteers also used the WeChat video to let the children and colleagues in the company. On-the-spot interactions were held to convey to the children the concerns of distant aunts and aunts.

   Zhang Tianxiao, a student of Zhuanshan Miaoyu Hope Primary School, wrote a thank-you letter.

     The Thyssen Elevator Sunshine 365 Ice Flower Boys Love Book House charity event sent hope to the children of Zhuanbaobao Nursery Hope Primary School to inspire them to change their destiny with knowledge. As a socially responsible company, Thyssen Elevator (China) has been practicing the core values of the company with practical actions. The company will continue to work on the road of caring for the public good, let the spirit of public welfare pass on heart and pass on!

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