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This Year Elevators Are To Be Installed With Eyes

Mar 09, 2018

This year, Shenyang will continue to promote the transformation of old elevators, and at the same time, carry out precise transformation of key elevator components; actively promote the installation of backup power for elevators in old districts, and focus on promoting elevators for the Internet of Things, which can achieve 24-hour “checks” on elevators; Shenyang Inspection and certification public service platform will be included in 500 to 800 institutions, the public can check whether the furniture, clothing, etc. compliance.

On January 23, at the first meeting of the 16th People’s Congress of Shenyang City, Zhang Jianqiang, Director of Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, accepted an interview with reporters on this year’s work.

The old elevator precision transformation

Two years ago, Shenyang City conducted a systematic assessment and investigation of more than 2,000 old elevators, identified 510 elevators and rebuilt them. "At that time, the inspection standard was to use elevators that were more than 15 years old. Now two years later, there are elevators that have reached the 15-year deadline." Zhang Jianqiang said that for the emergence of these new problems, a new round of investigations will be carried out this year. Edge investigation and transformation, eliminate hidden dangers one by one.

In addition to the investigation of elevators that have reached the end of their useful lives, Shenyang will also carry out accurate transformation of elevators. For example, key components, key indicators, and areas prone to problems of elevators must be reconstructed.

Old residential elevator or install standby power

The power failure of elevators often leads to serious consequences due to improper handling. One of the important reasons is that there is no backup power. It is understood that Shenyang currently has a total of 60,000 elevators, including shopping malls, writing rooms, and residential areas. Some real estate companies consider cost issues and often overlook elevator backup power. At present, many elevators in old districts do not have backup power. In view of this, Shenyang will also take this as its key work to promote the installation of backup power supply for elevators in old districts.

Zhang Jianqiang said that at present, Shenyang is studying elevator management measures, taking the elevator backup power supply into consideration, promoting the installation of backup power for old elevators, and combining Shenyang safety production large-scale inspections to find relevant conditions.

Internet of Things elevator 24-hour "health check"

“This year, we will step up the promotion of IoT elevators. It is expected that there will be a breakthrough in the first half of the year.” Zhang Jianqiang said that by introducing the Internet of Things and installing “eye-catching eyes” for elevators, 24-hour “check-ups” of elevators can be realized.

It is understood that the Internet of Things elevator is to solve the current elevator safety issues, data acquisition part, data transmission part, the center processing part and application software together constitute a complete elevator IoT monitoring system. At that time, the elevator's 106 safety data can be monitored in real time, and data anomalies will be reported to the police in advance. This not only ensures timely maintenance, but also avoids the sudden failure of the elevator and the card player.

Want to see product quality can be detected on the Internet

At the end of last year, Shenyang's inspection, certification, and certification public service platform was operating. The platform has four functions: resource gathering, information display, online trading, and government affairs management. It has absorbed more than 300 inspection agencies. This year, the platform will intensify efforts to integrate and expand resources, and will include inspections in various industries such as food and drug administration and construction departments. At the same time, large-scale testing equipment of some enterprises and universities will also be shared.

For the public, if you want to detect goods, you can choose the testing organization like the shop, including furniture, clothing, etc., and you can choose to test. Zhang Jianqiang said that the platform is expected to absorb 500 to 800 inspection agencies in the first half of this year.

Special inspection of amusement facilities during the Spring Festival

As a kind of special equipment, amusement facilities also have different levels of management. In addition to regular annual inspections, the quality supervision department conducts special inspections every year before the holidays or major events. It will also conduct more accurate supervision in the future. Zhang Jianqiang introduced that during the New Year's Day, the quality supervision department carried out special inspections on recreational equipment and other special equipment. For unqualified facilities and unlicensed operators, they have been required to suspend operations for rectification until they can eliminate hidden dangers.

During the Spring Festival this year, the quality supervision department will carry out special inspections of recreational facilities at various ski resorts in Shenyang and is expected to start before and after the small year. At the same time, the quality of fireworks and firecrackers will also be sampled.

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