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The Wire Rope Is A Load Element In The Elevator

May 19, 2017

Steel wire rope is a load element in the elevator, almost all the weight of the elevator, the quality of the wire rope will directly affect the safety of the elevator and the safety or not. In the elevator operation, the wire rope around the traction wheel, guide wheel and reverse sheave unidirectional or alternating bending. The wire rope is also subjected to a high specific pressure in the rope groove. So the elevator wire rope with a high strength, flexibility and wear resistance. And the disrepair of the elevator, wire rope repair and replacement has become a top priority. Here we look at the elevator wire rope is how to choose.

Select the appropriate rope for the elevator, first of all to identify the logo, in accordance with its logo to distinguish what type of wire rope for what kind of elevator. The wire rope is usually marked with the diameter of the wire rope, wire rope structure, cord structure, wire rope level, wire surface status, twist type and direction. The wire rope consists of strands, strands and wire. Elevator wire rope is a single rope around the rope was twisted from the twist. For safety, the elevator wire rope with a special number or No. 1 wire, the wire diameter is limited to 0.3 ~ 1.3mm between. For safety reasons, usually the elevator wire rope will be used with a special number or No. 1 wire, wire diameter is generally limited to 0.3 ~ 1.3mm between. Elevator wire rope core are selected with oil-impregnated fiber cord, cord support and fixed rope position so as to improve the contact between the rope, slow down the impact load, from the role of the oil tank for long-term lubrication of the oil source, good.

1. The safety factor of the hoisting wire rope

The safety factor of the elevator depends in part on the safety factor of the traction wire rope. Wire rope in the work of the existence of two kinds of static and dynamic load, but the impact of the life of the rope or the main static load, in order to simplify the calculation, only for static load for practical calculation.

First wire rope diameter selection is very important. In order to improve the strength of the elevator wire rope, extend the service life of the wire rope diameter must choose the most suitable size. Second, for the safety factor calculation, but also the most important steps to select the wire rope. Through the national approved standards to calculate the corresponding safety factor, in order to weigh the safety performance of elevator wire rope.

2. The use and maintenance of wire rope

The use and maintenance of the wire rope is the effective maintenance of the elevator wire rope after the installation of the elevator is completed. First, the wire rope should be checked in time. The condition of the elevator wire rope is directly related to the safety of the equipment and passengers, must pay enough attention, the work should be carefully observed and carefully check the contents of the inspection:

(1) check the number of broken wire, the location and twist distance broken wire situation;

(2) wire rope diameter thinning, in addition to visual outside the regular use of vernier caliper measurement of rope diameter and wear;

(3) check the tension of the elevator wire rope, the rope tension difference should not exceed 5%;

(4) steel rope lubrication, cleaning and corrosion;

(5) rope and its combination, full length of any other unusual circumstances, such as the rope of the abnormal elongation changes.