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The Three Gorges Dam Rail Ships Take The Elevator Dream Realization

Apr 26, 2018

The poetic scene of a large ship climbing stairs and a boat ride on an elevator will soon be realized at the Three Gorges Dam. On May 13, the world's largest ship-lifting machine, the Three Gorges Ship Lifting Machine Project, passed the inspection and acceptance team of the State Council’s Three Gorges Project’s overall completion acceptance committee for the acceptance inspection of the project. It was initially scheduled to be put into operation in June this year.


      The Three Gorges shiplift can carry 3,000-ton vessels, with a maximum climb tonnage of 15,500 tons and a maximum climb height of 113 meters. Lifting weight and height are the highest in the world. As one of the permanent navigation facilities of the Three Gorges Project, the Three Gorges Shiplift is a fast passageway for passenger ships and special ships. After the operation of the ship lift, the cruise can generally pass once in 40 minutes, and it takes 3.5 hours to pass through the permanent lock and shortens it by 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Unlike the Three Gorges ship locker crossing the ship, the ship is suspended in the air like a lift in the ship-carriage of the Three Gorges ship lift. The lift is driven by the mechanical drive carrier to overcome the concentration drop in the upper and lower dams.

On December 21 last year, the Three Gorges Shiplift carried out the actual ship test for the first time. At that time, after the 1,000-ton cruise ship “Yangtze River Power” sailed into the cargo carrier, it was like floating in a water-filled “footbath” to 0.2 Yuan. When the speed is m/s down, when the vehicle reaches the downstream docking position, the cargo carrier docks with the gate of the lower gate, fills the water, opens the door, and the cruise ship leaves the carrier and completes the overtake.


      It is understood that the existing Three Gorges two-way lock has an annual design capacity of 100 million tons. Due to the limited transport capacity and the large number of ships, it is unable to meet the requirements of the gates. The average vessel stay time is 40 hours, and dangerous goods ships are waiting for more than 50 hours. The longest waiting time for the vessel is 340 hours. According to the design, the Three Gorges Shiplift can carry 3,000-ton large-scale passenger ships, cruise ships and parts of fresh cargo carriers. After the operation, it can increase 6 million tons of dam capacity for the Three Gorges Dam, and the navigation benefits of the Yangtze River Golden Waterway. Social benefits are further developed.


      The Three Gorges ship lifter began its research in the 1950s and experienced a long process of argumentation, comparison and design. It was hailed as the last “answer” of the Three Gorges Project. The builders boldly innovated and successfully solved a series of world-class technical problems, such as deformation coordination of cabins and their equipment and towers, and accumulated valuable experience for the construction of large-scale vertical ship lifts.

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