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The Successful Elevator Maintenance Company Said At The Meeting...

Oct 15, 2018

[October 12th] Today, the "Elevator Service Manager" uses the company - Sichuan Xunguo Elevator to hold the "Xunguo Elevator Data Protection and Elevator Safety Let You See" view, Deyang City Quality Inspection Bureau Chen Director, Director Wu Lixin, Special Supervisor of the Quality Supervision Bureau, and representatives of customers and property companies were invited to participate. “Elevator Service Manager” Shi Yulong, Chairman of Siwei Technology, and Manager Wang of Technical Service Department attended the meeting as a special guest. At the meeting, Director Chen Yu and Chief Wu Lixin made an important speech.

Dean of the Quality Inspection Bureau of Deyang City

Dean Wu Lixin, Chief Supervisor, Deyang City Quality Supervision Bureau

Mr. Yang, the owner of Xunguo Elevator, shared the management experience of the company to check the quality of elevator safety, and demonstrated the staged results of data maintenance. Through the use of “Siwei Technology·Elevator Service Manager”, standardize elevator maintenance procedures and improve services. The quality management system and smooth multi-party communication mechanism ensure timely and high-quality service, and achieve the gold medal service that the government, customers and owners are satisfied with.

Manager Wang of the “Elevator Service Manager” Technical Service Department shared the role of data management in elevator safety management to the guests.

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