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The Russian World Cup Has Not Yet Been Opened, And Made In China Has Taken The Lead

Jun 19, 2018

The 2018 World Cup in Russia has not yet been opened, but the Chinese have already taken the lead in the game! Do not misunderstand, not to say that Chinese football, but made in China. For fans who have been repeatedly injured by football, this summer's World Cup in Russia has been made in China. Is it a great comfort? This is the Russian Samordova Arena. During the World Cup, several group matches will be played here. The equipment for transporting the stars and fans to the stadium and stands is a large-tonnage lift made in China.

Recalling December 1, 2010 (Switzerland local time), when FIFA President Blatter announced that Russia has won the right to host the 2018 World Cup, from that moment, Europe and the United States lift "powerful" on the stadium to build this piece of fat Began to look at it. In seven new stadiums, Broad Bolint from China took two of them (Moldova Arena and Samara Arena) in total, with a total of 67 elevators. The Chinese-made opponents have a history of more than 100 years. The old elevators such as the Nordic were "powerful".

In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Chinese football was eliminated in the qualifiers, while Chinese manufacturers won in the "qualifying". According to a single Ms. Shenyang sales manager at the Grand Russian Market, in March 2017, their company received the confirmation of winning the bid, but they did not dare to announce it to the outside world. Until April, the Russian side brought down the advance payment. Fang Fangdi announced this news.

This is another World Cup venue won by China's elevator enterprises - the Samara Arena in Russia. The Russian and Uruguay group matches will be held here. Uruguay's Suarez, Cavani and other superstars will show their style here. In addition, this arena will also have a quarter-final and a one-eighth final.

Then, from the siege of the “Lead” of the old Nordic elevators, we can take away the contracts for 67 elevators in the two arenas. What does China rely on? Two factors can not be ignored: 14 years of high-quality accumulation and grounding gas products. Excluding the two World Cup stadiums, at present, there are more than 2,700 Broad Bollette elevators operating safely in various buildings in Russia - that is to say, in the fierce bidding process, Chinese manufacturing has already taken over. The first opportunity. As the Russian agents said, your Chinese will tell you how long the road knows horsepower will be known. We Russians also believe this.

Although the Chinese have sufficient experience in the construction of large-scale competition venues, Russians have their own standards, which means that manufacturers can not learn from large venues such as the Bird's Nest, in particular, the two-ton load required by Party A and the speciality of Ai Well Station. As for the work of the elevator, Party B had never done anything. It was starting from scratch. Popular science: 2 tons of load in the elevator is a large tonnage. General business building passenger elevators are 1 ton to 1 ton 6, 1 ton 6 can be used as freight elevators, residential elevators are generally 400 to 1000 kg.

R&D team has created China's speed! In just two weeks, they took the complete solution. The single lady said, knowing how the two weeks came from? The R&D team does not return home and sleeps only two or three hours a day. There is a 30-year-old designer as the main attacker, three consecutive nights, and finally the boss: If you dare to do this, I will expel you! Speaking of this incident, Ms. Shan laughed: The bosses warned a bit late, when the plan was basically formed.

From the time the list is taken to the first delivery, the cycle is strictly limited and it will not work on a later day. This is the request of the Russians. People in China often talk about things and discuss things. If foreigners do things, they don't discuss things. If you decide how to make a contract, how can you do it? Don't make a whole gift and nodded. It's useless. The World Cup stadium has attracted worldwide attention and cannot be discounted at any stage.

In the two World Cup stadiums, 67 special elevators are needed: 29 at the Moldova Arena and 38 at the Samara Arena. At the end of April 2017, the first batch of 29 sets started production and shipped in early June; the second batch of 38 sets started production in early May and shipped in early July. Both shipments took longer on the road and they were all about 15 days. From Shenyang, take the China-Europe trains to make a facelift in Manchuria and send them to Russia's Saransk city and Samara city.

The elevators made in China were installed from July last year to May this year. In addition to the Russian engineers sent to the site during the commissioning phase, the rest of the construction and installation were performed by professional teams of Russian agents.

This is a very successful cross-border cooperation. The single lady said that although the process is difficult, the elevators can be delivered smoothly and finally thanks to two shortcuts. One is the remote collaboration of computer networks and the other is the professional installation team of Russian agents. If it is Chinese companies that send people to Russia to install, they will be tossing and extending the cycle.

From June 14 to early July, the 67 elevators made by the Chinese will deliver wave after wave of stars and fans to the World Cup stadiums and stands. Now that the World Cup has not yet been opened, the "Chinese team" in Chinese manufacturing has taken the lead to score the top spot! Can Chinese Made Can China Football Go Far?

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