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The Roof Of The Elevator Fell To The Owner's Head

Jan 10, 2019

When the couple took the elevator down the stairs, a roof in the elevator suddenly fell and hit the husband's head. Fortunately, the top plate was not heavy, and it was not a big problem after being hit.

Event: Elevator roof fell

Mr. Long lived in Building 6, Fengshang Tianxia Community, Chang'an District, Xi'an. At 7 o'clock on the evening of January 5, he and his wife took the elevator downstairs and suddenly fell to the top of the top of the roof and fell to the ground. Afterwards, Mr. Long recalled that at the time, he was black and fell in the elevator. "Wife and neighbors took me to the residential property office and told the security incident to let them contact the property and 120, but the security guard said that there is no leader on duty, and no contact. Shang.” Mr. Long said that it was nearly 2 hours from the injury to the hospital. At 9 o'clock in the evening, he was taken to a hospital in Chang'an District by an ambulance. He went to Xi'an Red Cross Hospital yesterday for inspection.

At 10 o'clock in the morning yesterday, the reporter from the Huashang Daily rushed to the Xi'an Red Cross Hospital. Mr. Long, who had just finished the inspection, had some hard work, accompanied by his wife and community property manager. Mr. Long said that there was no obvious damage, but the head was always dizzy, and the results were further examined.

Regarding the experience of Mr. Long, the manager of the operation and maintenance department of the customer service equipment and facilities of the residential property of Junyi Property said: "The cost of treatment and inspection is all out of us. At present, I will see the doctor first, and then communicate further."

Monitoring: Previously the top plate was hit by the collision

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the elevator at the incident and saw the protective wooden board around the elevator. The top two panels were no longer exposed, revealing two lamps. According to the owner of the building, the top of the elevator was originally two translucent panels made of acrylic material. The left side was gone very early, and the board on the right side could not be found after the accident. The reporter saw in the photos taken by the owner that the wounded acrylic material translucent plate has an area of about 0.3 square meters and a thickness of about 2 mm.

The reporter visited a number of residential buildings in the community and found that the acrylic plates above the individual elevators were severely damaged and the cracks were obvious. Some elevators replaced the acrylic plates with wire fences, while the wires and interfaces above them were placed arbitrarily. One owner told the reporter: “The phenomenon of elevator slippage has occurred in the previous community, and there are often owners who are locked up in the faulty elevator.”

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in the residential property surveillance video that the roof of the elevator had been moved before the incident, and some of the ceilings were suspended in the air, blocking some of the surveillance cameras. At 7:29 pm on January 5, during the ride of Mr. Long and his wife in the elevator, the roof fell off and reached the head of Mr. Long.

The reporter saw in the surveillance video that at 3 o'clock in the afternoon of the incident, someone was carrying furniture in the elevator and collided with the top plate above the elevator, causing it to move, and the security personnel of the community monitoring room did not find the anomaly in time.

Property: will be responsible for the injured owner to check the treatment

The senior manager of the residential property said that he would be responsible for the inspection and treatment of the injured owner.

"After receiving the security call on the same day, I rushed to the scene at 8 o'clock in the evening. At that time, I said that I would take him to the doctor first, but the other party insisted on waiting for the 120 ambulance." Gao said that he accompanied the owner to the nearest hospital that night. Check that the cost of this process is covered by the property. Gao said that there are 38 elevators in 11 buildings in the community. Every month, there are professional maintenance units to conduct two inspections and records. After the incident, the property has arranged personnel to strengthen the inspection frequency, and conduct two inspections every day on the elevator. The staff in the duty room are required to inform the investigation in time after the monitoring is abnormal.

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