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The Residential Building That Should Have Been Installed With Elevator Works Is Quiet Now

Jun 08, 2018

The residential building, which was supposed to be equipped with elevators, is now quiet.

    Yesterday, Zhu Ronggen, a resident of Haishu Oriental Garden District, sent a WeChat message in their WeChat group on the corridor: I wish the candidates a gold medal title, and the candidates' parents will be all wishes come true! In addition to blessing WeChat, Zhu Genrong and his neighbors silently did a warm heart for the family of candidates in the building: they actively postponed the installation of the elevator project for two weeks.

Oriental Garden Community belongs to the northern suburbs of Haimen Ximen Street. It was delivered in 1999 and is an old community. There are five buildings in the community, more than 100 households, of which the elderly residents account for a relatively large number of people, the need for additional elevators is also more urgent. From last year, the building of No. 49 Chang'an Lane, Oriental Garden, took the lead in starting preparations for the installation of elevators. At the beginning of March this year, the elevator installation project was started. In mid-May, the re-laying of natural gas pipelines was completed. However, when the construction of the elevator was carried out in full swing, the residents of this building took the initiative to “stop”.

“Because there is a young girl in the second floor home who has to attend the college entrance examination this year.” Master Zhu Ronggen living on the 6th floor is a member of the prefabricating group of the corridor elevator. He told reporters that the neighborhood of the building is very good, and the residents met up and downstairs. Face will say hello. In the elevator installation and construction period, the residents on the lower floors are also very considerate and support the neighbors on the high floors. All these things are also remembered. “Now, the college entrance exam is in place, and the elevator installation project needs to be followed by the construction of the residential road. The time will not only affect travel, but noise during construction may also affect candidates' review. For this reason, our team had an apnea meeting. After soliciting opinions from residents, we decided to postpone the schedule by two weeks.”

"I was very anxious originally because I couldn't walk very much without walking sticks. But once I met the leader of the corridor and asked about the progress of the project, he told me about this and I can understand it in particular." Grandma lived on the third floor, and had a bad lumbar spine. He usually had to go up and down the stairs every day to go to the physical therapy shop for massage. For those who can install elevators, Chen Grandma eagerly looks forward to, "The children do not trust me alone up and down the stairs, just wait for the elevator to be installed, I can go to the community for a walk. However, after many years of walking the stairs, I am not in a hurry, The most important thing for children is college entrance examination."

Zhu Ronggen said that he is 70 years old this year. A few floors a day and a half above him are nothing for him. To postpone the greatest impact on the schedule, apart from the grandma on the 3rd floor, there are 5th and 6th floor neighbours. In neighbors' homes, elders in their 90s often come to the door.

“However, everyone is very much aware of the delay in the progress of the elevator project.” Sometimes when he goes upstairs and downstairs, Zhu Ronggen runs into his neighbors and will always explain to them patiently: “There is a little girl on the second floor to take the college entrance exam, and we do our best. Can do it, provide her with convenience, do not let the elevator noise, etc. affect the child."

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