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The Remote Of Elevator Inspection Technology

Jul 10, 2017

Because of the global energy shortage, countries all over the world attach great importance to the use of energy resources. Our country is a populous country. More energy conservation as a top priority to catch. In foreign countries, the research on energy-saving of building elevators has already begun at the end of last century, and China has only introduced and developed elevator energy saving technology since 2002. The development of computer technology provides a favorable condition for the research of energy-saving technology of elevators. In just a few years, the elevator energy-saving technology has made rapid development, "energy-saving elevator" also emerged.

The remote of elevator inspection technology is one of the problems to be solved during the development of elevator inspection technology, the elevator fault usually has the characteristic of temporary and abrupt, and the occurrence of elevator safety accident often threatens the safety of life and property.

In view of the sudden elevator failure, elevator manufacturers and property management departments often choose in the vertical elevator internal installation of the camera, in order to the elevator internal emergency monitoring, so that one and the elevator failure, you can timely elevator maintenance staff to solve.

This way although the elevator operation of the real-time understanding, but the failure to resolve the efficiency has not been a good upgrade, and the remote elevator inspection technology can make up for the maintenance of the efficiency of the elevator.

The current research and development of the elevator remote inspection technology should be set elevator fault analysis, elevator failure overall maintenance in a break, the use of computer data on the elevator operation of the situation occurred in the analysis, or elevator internal real-time transmission to the elevator maintenance units, so that staff in the first time to understand the elevator failure, for the elevator repair process for the full preparation of the.