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The PWM Current Predictive Control Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based On Extended State Observer

Mar 05, 2018

Abstract: A novel PWM current predictive control algorithm based on the extended state observer is proposed to solve the problem of output current static deviation and oscillation caused by disturbances of the motor parameters in PWM current predictive control of traditional PMSM. The influence of the disturbances of the motor parameters on the PWM current predictive control system is analyzed. The corresponding extended state observer is constructed to observe the system disturbance caused by the parameter deviation, and the real-time disturbance compensation is provided for the drive predictive control algorithm. The pole placement is used to verify the stability of the new algorithm Sex. The simulation results show that the new algorithm can observe the system disturbance quickly and without any static error and effectively avoid the influence of the deviation of the inductance parameter on the current prediction system.

Keywords: permanent magnet synchronous motor; PWM current predictive control; dilatational state observer; disturbance compensation

 PWM predictive current control of permanent magnet synchronous
motor based on extended state observer
WEI hai-fengi, WE/ hun-peil2. ZHANG Yi
(Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang 2 12000, China: 2.Lcuiderdlrive Technology Co Ltd, Suzhou
215000, China Correspondent: WEI hai-feng, Email! when a126. com)
Abstract: Since the motor parameter error can cause outputed curent statie error and oscillation in traditional PWM
Predictive current control of permanent magnet synchronous motor( PMSM) a novel PWM predictive current control based
e observer(ESOJIS proposed. The influence of the motor parameter disturbance on PWM predictive current
control system is analyzed. Then, the crespo.I
iding Eso to observe the system disturbance caused by the parameter
deviation is constructed, and the real-time disturbance compensation for the traditional predictive control algorithm is
provided, and the stability of the new algorithm is verified by the pole assignment. The simulation results show the new
algorithm can quickly and statically observe the ystem disturbance and avoid the influence of the disturbance of the inductive
parameter on the current prediction system
Key words: PMSM; PWM predictive current ontrol Entended state observer: Disturbance compensation 、