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The Puppy Got Lost In The Elevator And Went Helplessly In The Elevator. The Final Result Was Very Warm.

Nov 15, 2018

Nowadays, many people like to raise dogs, treat dogs as their own partners, and also use their social software to expose their own dogs, and they no longer need to worry about their own consumption and drink, but also have a master to accompany them. They play and live a very happy life, and such a dog is undoubtedly lucky and happy! But there are some dogs who live a very different life with them. They are wandering on the streets. In order to survive, they are looking for food every day. No matter whether it is wind or rain, they are homeless. It is really distressing! But why are the situations of these two dogs so different? Part of the reason is that the dogs themselves are very fun, and some dogs will be lost if they are not paying attention. On this day, a puppy got lost in the elevator and went helplessly in the elevator. The final result was very warm.

The friend shared a real thing with Xiaobian. A few days ago, when a friend went outside, he encountered a lost puppy. In the afternoon, Xiaobian’s friend went downstairs to buy something. On the road, I found a white puppy that was very cute, but the dog was observed by a friend as a dog, a puppy. The hair is not chaotic, very neat, not dirty, not like a dog straying in the streets.

Maybe the puppy was too greedy to run out of the house, then took the elevator home and got lost. I don’t know if I went home. The floor is basically the same. Although the dog smells sensitive, but going home, it’s still a bit Difficult, had no help in the elevator. Xiaobian’s friend is also a dog-loving person. He is worried that the dog will become a stray dog. He wants to help the dog find a home and return to the owner’s arms. Because he does not know that the dog’s family lives in the first floor, take the elevator. I went to find each floor and went to each floor. So Xiaobian’s friends took the dog to the first floor, starting from the first floor and looking for the elevator on the first floor.

Although the dog is lost, the final result is very warm! Dogs are very smart. When each floor stops, the dog will go out and see that the floor is not the floor of his own home. It will run back to the elevator, only when it rises to the tenth floor. When the elevator door opened, the dog saw it, and was very excited. After running out, he quickly went straight to the door of a family's house, circled at the door, and wag his tail, very excited! When the friend saw it, he went to the door and helped the dog knock on the door. When the door opened, the owner of the dog found out that his dog was running out. After learning, he knew that it forgot to close the door. Just ran out, I didn't know how to go home, but the careless owner never noticed that the dog was not at home. After learning about this experience, the owner of the dog has been thanking friends again and again! The puppy got lost in the elevator home, helplessly squatting in the elevator, and the ending was very warm; what do you think?

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