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The Operation Of Escalator

Oct 11, 2017

Nowadays, the world is progressing, the development of society is changing with each passing day, and the education should be reformed and the teaching idea and the way should be renewed and renewed. The new requirements of educational technology and equipment are put forward. My company is also ready for the time, in line with the school needs, after listening to the views of many teachers, developed a teaching tool can be used for teaching, and can reduce the burden of teachers and improve student efficiency, to provide high social Quality talent. Escalator maintenance and maintenance training assessment device is a very good teaching equipment.

With the development of the community more and more types of elevators, escalator, vertical elevators, seat elevators, as well as transparent elevators and so on. Then we pick the escalator:

An escalator is a fixed electric drive device with a circulating runway for tilting the passengers up or down. The escalator is made up of a specially constructed chain conveyor and two specially constructed belt conveyors with a circular ladder for up or down between the different layers of the building A fixed electric drive device that tilts the passenger. A continuous transport machine up and down.

The escalator consists of ladder and handrails on both sides. (Including motors, decelerators, brakes and intermediate transmission links, etc.), drive the main shaft, ladder tensioning device, handrail system, comb plate, escalator skeleton, the main components of the main components are stepped, traction chain and sprocket, rail system, And electrical systems. The steps are leveled at the passenger's entrance and gradually form a ladder; the ladder gradually disappears at the exit and the steps are again leveled. These movements are carried out by the steps of the main wheel, the auxiliary wheel along the different cascade rails to achieve.