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The Old Community Installed Elevators Were Stayed To Stop Work

Nov 22, 2018

On the first floor, the residents opposed, and the second unit of 40 buildings in the Hanyang Parrot Garden Community was installed with an elevator to stop work. After the Chutian Metropolis Daily reported the incident through the all-media platform, it caused a hot discussion among netizens. Whether the old community should install an elevator or not, the opinions of the parties are different.

The report sparked controversy on Sina Weibo and today's headlines. Some netizens said that many old communities lived in the elderly, and it was inconvenient to climb stairs. At present, relevant policies have been introduced to support the old community to install elevators, which can facilitate the elderly. Even the readers called and thought that as long as more than two-thirds of the owners agreed to install the elevator, they should be subject to a majority and should not compensate the lower-level residents.

The netizens who disagreed thought that installing elevators would not be of any benefit to low-rise residents such as the first floor. Instead, it might affect lighting and noise, which is not fair to low-rise residents. Others said that high-rise households have benefited, and low-rise households have suffered damage. High-level households should provide compensation to low-rise households. It is necessary to ignore the rights and interests of a few owners.

Some netizens said that more than two-thirds of the owners of the unit building agreed to apply for additional elevators, but in general, all owners agreed to install them.

Previously, the high-level residents took out a consent form for installing the elevator, and 11 owners signed the agreement. However, Mr. Ouyang on the 1st floor said that Mr. Dong, who lives on the first floor, did not agree. The reporter contacted Mr. Dong, who said that he did sign the agreement to install the elevator before. It was said that the elevator was installed behind the residential building. Now that the elevator is installed at the door of the unit building, he objected again.

At present, high-rise residents are eager to resume construction, and the first-floor residents are clearly opposed to the installation of elevators. The opinions of the two sides have not yet reached an agreement, and it is unclear whether the unit can be installed with elevators. It is reported that there are a large number of old communities in Wuhan to carry out the installation of elevators. This incident also reminds us that there is indeed a conflict between the interests of the upper and lower floors in the installation of elevators. How to make the convenience measures really convenient, it is necessary to implement necessary and strict The process of coordinating the interests of all parties and doing good things well.

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